IFOR the first time in the history of the event there was triple tie for the Moroi( SPou'r Brooklands Memorial Trophy. The three drivers concerned were Jon Derisley, Geoff Oliver

and Laurie Keens, all of whom finished with 19 points. At the start of the last Goodwood Members? Meeting of the season Oliver led the competition by one point from Derisley and Keens, with Dodd a further point behind.

Keens gained four points for himself in the first race of the day by winning the 5-lap scratch race for t,too-c.c. sports cars by a good margin from Nicholson and Harrison-flansley, all driving Lolas. Dodd finished fourth in his Lotus Eleven.

Oliver and Derisley came together in the next race for the nonoverhead camshaft, non-supercharged 1,200-c.c. sports cars.

Oliver wentinto the lead at the start and Derisley, who got away slowly in his Lotus-Ford, soon picked his way through the field and began closing Oliver's zoo-yard lead. He slowly whittled this down until he was able to dive inside the pretty blue D.R.W. at Woodcote. However, Oliver kept his head and in the rush into the chicane he got back into the lead and went on to win, by a second. An exciting finish which the crowd thoroughly appreciated but which unfortunately over-shadowed the race for third place which wont on between Brooke and Manfield, both Lotus mounted, with Brooke eventually getting the verdict. Mackenzie was penalised a minute for jumping the start in his pretty Alexander-Turner.

A to-lap event for Formula junior ears followed and developed into a five-car battle involving Penning's Lotus Eighteen, Auwood's Coopers Dibley's Lola and the Lotus Twenties of Pitcher and Lyon. Penning went into the lead but the pack soon began pressing him and Attwood got by on lap seven, while Dibley did the same on the last lap at Woodcote. This Caused Penning to overdo things and he spun of behind the shrubbery, emerging in fifth place. Evans lost the engine cowling from his Cooper and Bryant amused himself in his front-engined Lola by colliding with the chicane wattle fencing head on.

The unlimited sports-car race saw a large collection of Lotuses and Lolas opposed by two jaguars, Mike Salmon's fierce 1)-type and Peter Lumsden"s E-type which was in its first race and absolutely covered in scoops, louvres, etc., to take cold air in where it was wanted and hot air out from where it was not wanted. Despite being on the back of the grid the D-type soon went into an enormous lead but the E-type understandably took a little longer to work its way through and at the finish was breathing down the headrest of' Beckwith's Lotus, which was in third place. Second came Laurie Keens, who took three more points for the MOTOR SPoRT Trophy in his pale green Lola.

The deciding race for the Cibie Cup quickly became a battle between the two contestants for the main award, Jankel and Merfield, both Anglia mounted, jankel's with Superspeed tuning and Merfield with Willment bits. Jankel got into the lead but on the last lap Merfield ran into him and they both spun, Merfield restarting first and winning the race and the Cibie Cup while poor jankel had to be content with fifth in the race and runner-up in the Cibie Cup. Third was Cuff-Miner's Rapier.

The marque scratch race went to Bob Olthoff's M.G. TwinCam which left the field standing, so much -so that he had built up a lead of over 40 sec. at the end of the race. P. H. Arnold's TR3 finished second in front of Dangerfield's '1'123 which had come right the way through the field after a bad start. The commentator at St. Mary's was beside himself with excitement as a number of cars appeared to spin with monotonous regularity on his side of the circuit.

Jeff firers came through from the 5-sec. mark in the first of the handicap races in his GSM Delta and on the last lap he passed Naylor's Elva Courier coming out of the chicane to gain a good win for the very fast Ford-engined G.T. car.

The final race of the day and another handicap event gave rise to much mathematical work as the result of the Mot og SPORT Trophy hinged on this race. Geoff Oliver had only to finish second to make sure of the Trophy while Jon Derisley had to win to tie with Laurie Keens. For a time it looked as though Jeff Uren might win but on lap four he was overwhelmed by Derisley and Oliver who were streaking through the field. However, everyone had reckoned without Lumsden's E-typc which poured on the power on the last lap and just pipped poor Oliver for second place. So he had to be content with sharing the Trophy with Laurie Keens and Jon Derisley. The Duke of Richmond and Gordon presented the champagne-filled Trophy to each one in turn and then took it away from them! A fitting end to another season which carries on the f3rooklands tradition.—M. L. T.