Sir, the July 1961 issue of MOTOR SPORT, page 546, just received by me in East Africa, a comment appears regarding a poster on display in Ford showrooms about the 1961 East African Safari.

You might recollect that in 1958 on account of an appeal to the local decision of the R.E.A.A.A. Stewards the R.A.C. decision as to the outright winner of the Safari was given seven months after the event took place, but on the strength of the local decision Daimler-Benz A.G. advertised the undersigned driving a Type 219 as the winner. The misunderstanding was corrected and a public apology made.

Today, the American Company operating unfortunately from Dagenham uses misleading advertising in a typical American manner, when no question ever arose as to the outright winner or even the runner-up. Fords were just outclassed, as usual.

Such methods too frequent nowadays, should be squashed once and for all and disciplinary action taken against such offenders, apart from the apology suggested by MOTOR SPORT.

C. J. M. Nairobi. [Name and address suppled.—En.]