XXXIII Italian Grand Prix—Forrnula One—Monza—86 Laps— 494.5 Kilometres—Cool and Overcast

1st: G. Hill (B.R.M. V8) 2 hr. 29 min. 08.4sec. 198.940 k.p.h.
2nd: R. Ginther (B.R.M. V8) 2hr. 29 min. 38.2 sec.
3rd: B. McLaren (Cooper-Climax V8) 2hr. 30 min. 06.2 sec.
4th: W. Mairesse (Ferrari 120-V6) 2hr. 30 min. 06.6 sec.
5th: G. Baghetti (Ferrari 120-V6) 2hr. 30 min. 39.7 sec.
6th: J. Bonnier (Porsche 8-cyl) 1 lap behind
7th: A. Maggs (Cooper-Climax V8) 1 lap behind
8th: L. Bandini (Ferrari 65-V6) 2 laps behind
9th: N. Vaccarella (Lotus-Climax V8) 2 laps behind
10th: G de Beaufort (Porsche 4-cyl) 5 laps behind
11th: P. Hill (Ferrari 120-V6) 5 laps behind
12th: M. Gregory (Lotus-B.R.M. V8) 9 laps behind

Fastest lap: G. Hill (B.R.M. V8) on laps 3 and 4, in 1 min. 42.3 sec.—202.346 k.p.h.

Retired : J. Clark (Lotus-Climax V8), lap 3, transmission; M. Trintignant (Lotus-Climax V8), lap 18, electrics; A. Settember (Emeryson-Climax 4-cyl)), lap 19, head gasket; T. Taylor (Lotus-Climax V8), lap 26, transmission ; R. Salvadori, (Lola-Climax V8), lap 42, engine; J. Surtees (Lola-Climax V8), lap 43, engine; I. Ireland (Lotus-Climax V8), lap 46, front suspension; R. Rodriguez (Ferrari 120-V6), lap 64, ignition; D. Gurney (Porsche 8-cyl.), lap 67, rear axle.

21 starters — I2 finishers.

Monza mumbles

The fastest practice laps by the two 1½-litre V8 cars equalled the existing lap record set up by a 2½-litre car. We do make progress, but some people seem unable to see it.

To start two cars and finish first and second in team order, with the leader taking the fastest lap must surely be perfection. The B.R.M. engineers and mechanics must have been very satisfied, because Monza is a b.h.p. race above all else.

After battling his way into third place it must have been a bitter disappointment to Tony Maggs to have to throw it away on a refuelling stop, just because Cooper had been unable to complete two sets of over-load tanks.

McLaren really is the cool one. His dealing with Mairesse on the last lap was too smooth for words.

Bowmaker-Lola have only to get their Coventry-Climax engines as reliable as Cooper’s and they will be in the winnings, for the car is unquestionably competitive.

Team Lotus or Team Shambles ?

Queries answered

Again the quest for names has continued in undiminished velocity. Below are a few of the more prominent names and addresses asked for. British Motor Racing Marshals Club : 324, The Bridge, Broadgate House, Coventry. Singer O.C. : E. P. Ellis, 23, Elmers Drive, Teddington, Middlesex. Morgan 4/4 Club : A. A. Hollies, 148, Camp Lane, Handsworth, Birmingham. Wirral Hundred M.C. : K. Allbright, 51, Upton Park Drive, Upton, Wirral. Club Simca : J. R. Wright, 1, Balham High Road, S.W.12. Sunbeam-Talbot O.C.: N. Garrad, Sunbeam-Talbot Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry. Pre-1940 Triumph O.C.: A. Cook, 115, Mason Road, Headless Cross, Redditch. Mini-Se7en Club : Diana Warren, 4, Chessington Court, Marsh Road, Pinner, Middlesex. A.C. 0.C.; E. C. Martin, 8, The Paddock, The Droveway, Hove 4, Sussex. Lagonda Club : M. H. Wilby, 4, Lancaster Garages, London, N.W.3.