An error in dictation over the telephone when preparing the July issue made a nonsense of the praise I tried to bestow on the latest B.M.C. safety-belts—they are, of course, reel-type belts. And I apologise for referring to Roger Richmond as Robin Richmond at the conclusion of the article on Morgan 3-wheelers.—Ed.

Useful in the Workshop
James Walker & Co. Ltd. have recently issued packs of multiple brass shims, the shims being presented in an extremely comprehensive range of thicknesses each in a sheet size of 6 in. x 12 in. The comprehensive range of these sheets should make them very useful in the home workshop, especially as the pack is priced very reasonably at 30s.

Apart from these shim packs and general jointing material for which this Company is World famous, we learn that James Walker are still supplying their handmade copper asbestos gaskets to MOTOR SPORT readers for use in vintage, veteran and modern cars. As they so rightly say, at the present time with so many tigers in tanks, what better than putting a lion under your bonnet! The address of the Company is: Lion Works, Woking, Surrey, Tel.: Woking 5951

The Things they Say. . .
“Rarer by far than a Rolls-Royce, at one stage I had my Alvis parked among five of them. Not only did it make them seem like something off a supermarket bargain counter but it didn’t concede a scrap in its finish or quality.”—Robert Glenton writing of the Alvis TE21 in The Sunday Express of September 5th.

* * * * *

“. . .The familiar VW profile will undoubtedly be around for many a moon in spite of its faults and detractors. Its position has been an honourable and earned one. But many buyers are switching. One of the cars which is showing strength in the market is the British Motor Co.’s M.G. 1100 Sports sedan. . . Trade your VW for an M.G.? Go ahead.”—The American magazine Road Test, comparing the VW 1200 with the M.G. 1100 in its March issue.