Tyre equipment

The growing need for economy in motoring and the emphasis on safety makes attention to tyres of vital importance. Consequently, I recommend that every owner-driver should carry the Tyre Safety Pack made by Pneumatic Components Ltd., Eyre Street, Sheffield 1, and obtainable only through accessory dealers or garages—the makers find it uneconomical to handle individual orders, so great is the demand. It consists of a compact tyre gauge reading very clearly in lb. or kilo.. with pocket clip and dustproof cap, and a tread-measuring gauge, reading in mm. and 1/32 in., also with pocket-clip, both contained in a leatherette case—good value at 17s. 6d. The pressure gauge was pessimistic when compared with a Schrader Balloon Tyre Gauge I usually use—hut I have had the latter for years. The tread gauge tells me the Dunlop C4ts on the front wheels of the M.G. 1100 I have been using have lost 5 mm. of tread in 9,600 miles (3 mm. against 8 mm. of a new C4t). Incidentally, the Dunlop junior foot-pump I carry has given impeccable service for more years than I can remember.