Of course it is futile to compare the Volvo 144S with the Rover 2000TC. How can you possibly ,compare a car having dual braking systems, ducted ventilation to the rear window, massive hoot, generous all-round leg room, galvanised lower panels and designed interior with a Rover 2000TC having only an outdated single braking system, mean hoot space, a bodged-on rev, counter and four-door two-seater body?

How, indeed, can you presume to drive cars at all if you find a knob clearly marked with an arrow to indicate rotation for its screen-washing function to be “confusing “?

Edgware. MAURICE SOKEL. r Confusing ” in the sense of not being accustomed to the unusual action and therefore not able to use this control subconsciously when the screen needed .a quick wash. If the Rover is really so inferior it is remarkable how many more are encountered on the road, compared with the newer Volvos.—En.]