Sauce for the goose


The correspondence in your September edition on the subject of Lord Stoke's "Buy British" speech prompted me to do a little research into the kind of computers used by British Leyland.

This brief survey was confined to up-to-date general purpose computers used largely for commercial purposes, and the figures compiled from publications easily available within the computer industry. Whilst these figures may not be 100% accurate, they are unlikely to be very far out.

Of the 18 computers installed, 14 are American, and would have been imported. The remaining four are of British origin. I estimate the total value of the machines to be not less than £3,000,000.

It is generally agreed that computers manufactured in the UK are at least as good as those of the American companies, and whilst I have no desire to dictate to Lord Stokes about how he should spend his company's money on computing, what's that old saying about sauce for the goose?

Sources : "Who Owns Whom", 1969 edition. "Computer Survey", December, 1969, published by United Trades Press Ltd. "The Computer Users' Year Book."

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