V-E-V miscellany, October 1971, October 1971

We hear of some Model-T Ford axles and wheels and a scrapped BSA Scout for sale in Norfolk, where a 1931 Singer Six is rotting in a village garage. For the record, the winners in this year’s Riley Register Coventry Rally were: Vintage, I. C. A. Leonard’s 1930 Monaco; Open PVT, G. R. Middleton’s 1938 Sprite; Closed PVT, M. B. E. Theobald’s 1937 Monaco; Maher-Muller Trophy, S. McQuire’s 1934 Imp; Clifford Stanley Trophy, P. S. Weaver’s 1932 Gamecock; Stanley Burville Trophy, G. R. Middleton’s 1936 Sprite; Muller Trophy, P. Aspinall’s 1930 Biarritz; J. Gibson Trophy, M. Theobald’s 1932 Monaco. Best lady driver in the tests drove S. Rowland’s 1937 Nine Touring saloon, best male drivers being J. A. Corah (1933 Lynx Nine) and C. Rowland. A 1934 Nine Lynx won the Navigation Rally.

Edward Tamplin, of Tamplin cyclecar fame (it is said that 1,896 were sold between 1919 and 1924), has died, aged 84, at Hove. After his retirement at the age of 48 Mr. Tamplin became an organist and lay preacher at Brighton’s Elim churches. The front-wheel-drive Alvis mentioned in these columns last month as being in a Gloucestershire breaker’s yard turns out to be a four-cylinder model in a private garage. It was bought in Cardiff and towed home behind the present owner’s 1938 12/70 Alvis drophead. As the two-seater body is unoriginal a rebuild is contemplated. Rumour has it that a straight-eight front-drive Alvis may be hiding in the same county.