Tudor windscreen washer

As from October 1st, 1972, the law demands that all cars shall be fitted with windscreen washers, though it does not specify any standards, and cars with opening windscreens do not have to comply (i.e., vintage-type cars). The letter of the law would probably allow you to get away with a carefully aimed “squeegee” bottle directed round the screen pillar by the driver, but a simple and effective way of avoiding falling foul of the law is to purchase a Tudor 351 kit, which costs £2, and which is easily fitted following the instructions on the box. One of these was fitted fairly satisfactorily to the Editorial 1949 Riley 2 1/2-litre to keep it law-abiding, the only snags being involved with the Riley bonnet being too full on the cold side to accommodate the 2-pint plastic water container, so it had to be put on the exhaust side, which Tudor suggest you try and avoid. Also, the double-skinned bulkhead made it impossible to fit the jets in the most desirable place, so a compromise had to be made by fitting them to the bonnet lids. The hand-operated pump fitted neatly through the wooden instrument panel.

Electrically-operated kits. are also available, as are a multitude of fittings and accessories, but we found the standard Tudor 351 was completely adequate. Tudor accessories are available at all normal retail shops, or from Tudor Accessories Ltd., PO Box 1, Hengoed, Glamorgan, CF8 7XD, South Wales.

Next season Brands Hatch will be running celebrity races at several meetings and will be acquiring a fleet of 20 new standard Ford saloons (type yet to be specified) for the purpose. On most occasions the race will conclude the days’ events and the cars will be driven by the first and second finishers in each of the preceding races. On other occasions special celebrities—journalists, grand prix drivers, entrants—will also take part.