Cars In Books

"Sentencing The Motoring Offender" by Roger Hood. 244 pp., 8¾ x 5½ in., (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd., 48, Charles Street, London, W1X 8AH. £3.50).

"Drivers After Sentence" by T. C. Willett. 182 pp., 8 x 5 in., (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd., 48, Charles Street, London, W1X 8AH. £3.25).

These two books throw a lot of light on how motoring offences are dealt with in Migistrates Courts and what is thought of the sentences imposed. There is so much research involved that it is not possible to do justice to it in a short review but those with a special interest in the subject will not regret the time spent on reading both works. The general impression is that motorists are usually found guilty when there seems doubt about their guilt, that Magistrates tend to regard as criminals drivers who too frequently find themselves in Court on motoring charges, apart from driving under the influence of drink or drugs, perhaps because they do come up against those with an extraordinary number of previous convictions and that evidence is mostly gone into in much detail, not necessarily without bias.

Those who revel in statistics will find plenty in these books but they present the motorists' side of the problems fairly and clearly and in the light of the prevailing numbers of apprehended drivers. Legal experts will no doubt welcome the findings and may form some opinions which will be of interest to our readers. Every facet of the chosen subjects seems to be well covered. - W.B.

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