MG-B = Marina?


My 1969 MG-B has served me well over the last year, having purchased it from a British emigrant. My problem now is spares.

Fortunately Leyland South Africa has started to produce the Austin Marina which they advertise. has "the heart of an MG-B". Would parts he interchangeable? If so, could the Marina engine fit onto the "B" gearbox and mountings?

The specifications differ slightly:


Capacity: 1,798 cc.
Bore: 80.3mm
Stroke: 89.0mm
Compression: 8.8 to 1
KW at r.p.m: 73 at 5,440

Austin Marina

Capacity: 1,798 cc.
Bore: 80.26mm
Stroke: 88.9mm
Compression: 9.0 to 1
KW at r.p.m: 72 at 5,500

My perfect pair is, by the way, the "B" and it 1957 BMW Isetta 300. MOTOR SPORT is still the Best on Motor Sport.

Johannesburg. P. J. JILLINGS