False Economy


Recently, whilst driving on the MS between the Wolverhampton and Dudley junctions, I saw a new white Rover 3500 with "Police" along the side, being driven by a policeman in uniform. Much as I can appreciate their choice of car and applaud their policy of buying British instead of the usual Swedish or German cars, I feel that the Chief Constable in this area is extremely unwise to spend nearly 0,000 of the taxpayers' money on a new car in these times of economy by the majority of the British people.

There are British Cars at half this price sufficiently fast to catch malcvolents and even a few of those well-known speeding hooligans who want to abolish 50-m.p.h. speed limits, namely Motor Sport readers. Why do they need a new Rover, unless it be to rest their soft, calf-length, leather jackboots on the soft carpeting and trim ? They will also be able to enjoy 128 m.p.h. whilst driving "in the course of duty", unlike the rest of us.

Isn't it about time these arrogant civil servants, policemen and politicians did what we want? Many thanks for such an interesting magazine, particularly the Vintage section.

[Name and address supplied.—ED.)