MG and Singer


Relating to your mention about the possible closure of MG at Abingdon. As long as Leyland continue to produce the marque somewhere does the closure of an old out-dated lowproduction factory matter at all ? Surely the overall survival of Leyland is much more important. And it is our money now that’s involved as tax-payers and surely it makes sense to close the low-profit factories anywhere if Leylands survival depends on, the closure of these factories. The great names belong to history now and we must accept that.

My second point. I do not seem to recall your mention of the centenary of “Singer”, 1876-1976. I am sure this is a lapse of memory on your part ? Please can we have a nice big article on this great name before the year is out. It may not rank with Daimler or Rolls-Royce, but George Singer was one of the early pioneers, and built great cars, before the Rootes’ take-over in 1956.


[But Abingdon does make a profit which is more than can be said about some other parts of the Leyland Empire.—Ed.]