An Ulster Austin 7


I was most interested to read the letter from Mr. Webb concerning an Austin Ulster he once owned. I have recently acquired the rather sad remains of a 1931 Ulster and I wonder if any of your readership could shed some light on its history, enquiries through the usual channels having drawn a blank?

All that remains now of the original Ulster is the body, which has had the pointed tail removed at some time and a squared off tail similar to an Austin 7 Opel fitted and a door cut in the offside. There is also the fuel tank, steering column, and a set of touring wings. The car was registered LJ 3711 on April 20th 1931 and chassis number was 133231.

I hope to be able to restore the car to its original state, or at least as near as possible! In the meantime, I should be glad to hear anything about my acquisition.

Newport, Gwent – A. J. HODSON