That Grand Prix Mercedes


I very much enjoyed and am most interested in your paragraph “Could it be?” on the hot-rod/ 1914 Grand Prix Mercedes in the current issue of Motor Sport.

I think that I may qualify as a “reader with a long memory” as l recall your May 1971 issue a letter front Frederick A. Usher of Los Angeles dealing with the later history of the Ralph de Palma 1914 Grand Prix Mercedes. This raises the question of a “copy” Mercedes engine. The photograph of the hot rod car shows, I think, that it may well have the Grand Prix Mercedes chassis but this will, of course, have been considerably lowered.

I think that the discovery of the hot rod might well warrant further investigation, perhaps in the States, in the interest of history.

I congratulate you on the admirable article on the Mavrogardato 1914 Grand Prix Opel. Would it be possible to have a full article on the 1912 Grand Prix Lorraine-Dietrich “Vieux Charles Trois”. The last I know of this car is that it was shown at the Montagu Motor Museum in the ownership of R. G. J. Nash.

Sherborne St. John – L. A. Liddell (Col.)