"Vieux Charles"



“Wiens( Charles”

With respect, I wish to point out a few erroneous details in your June article on the 37.2 h.p. Hispano Suiza.

(i) Captaine Rent Pooch never flew a named aircraft. (ii) Georges Guynemer not “Jules” as stated. (Hi! The name “Vieux Charles” was on various aircraft flown by Georges Guynemer up to his death on Sept. 11th, 1917. Vieux Charles I mass

normal issue fighter, while Vieux Charles!! was a special high compression Hispano Sulu 200 h.p. SPAD VII.

Vieux Charles III was a SPAD XII with 37 mm. Hotchkiss canon firing through the propeller, its motor being the Hispano 8Bc.

Prior to these aircraft Georges Guynemer used the name Vieux Charles on a Nieuport 16. Thank you torn most informative magazine over the years Sennelager J. J. McALEESE