Camel Trophy back to its roots

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Camel Trophy returns in 1989 to the Amazonian jungle, its place of origin. Teams from fourteen countries will be tackling the tough terrain in turbo-diesel Land-Rover One Tens.

Adventure is the essence of the challenge, but since it is impossible to assess all-round abilities, there are a number of tasks the competitors will be undertaking. Altogether they will be judged on their initiative, their efficiency in overcoming problems and their ability to work together.

Last year 26,000 application forms were received by the organisers, from which 24 people were shortlisted. From the ensuing trials, two finalists were selected to compete for the Trophy itself in Indonesia (Motor Sport, May 1988).

Being widely distributed throughout newsagents, garages and magazines over the next two months are application forms for next year’s event — a “once in a lifetime” opportunity open only to arnateurs.