Book reviews

Formula One - a novel by Bob Judd. 330pp. 9½" x 6". (Sidgwick & Jackson Limited, 1 Tavistock Chambers, Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SG. £12.95).

Considering the jet-setting scenario of the Grand Prix world and the exotic and exciting locations visited, it is surprising that this is the first novel for some time in a motor racing context.

Bob Judd has carried out a great deal of research with the result that even those who have no interest in the sport will end up with more than a passable knowledge of the Formula One world. Naturally the characters are fictitious but one cannot help trying to pin identities on them while ploughing through the text. The plot moves along at a fairly fast pace although it does become a little bogged down now and then, but all the same I raced through the pages until the end. WPK