Royal Bentley


I am in the process of restoring Prince George’s (later Duke of Kent) 3 litre TT Replica Bentley and though some progress has been made in terms of retaining the original registration, works records and list of previous owners, I am still encountering difficulty in obtaining the correct colour scheme, interior details and any other specifications for the car. The Bentley Drivers’ Club, The Royal Mews, HRH Prince Michael of Kent and the Library of the Beaulieu Motor Museum have all been of great help in providing what information is available, but alas, not as much as I need to restore faithfully the car to its original state.

Therefore I ask your help in providing any further information from either your own archives or perhaps from your readers.

The chassis of the car is in very original but extremely neglected condition while the body has been hacked about over the years leaving very little resemblance to the Park Ward Doctor’s coupe it originally was.

l am, nonetheless, very enthusiastic about the project and accordingly will be appreciative of any help you and your readers may be able to supply.

Thomas M Leaver, London, SW 1

(Letters can be forwarded. Ed.