Wet Squibb


The letter headed Bright Spark in the September issue appears to me to be contradictory. Most sincerely I endorse Mr Wickham's first paragraph. His second paragraph is an argument in favour of the checking of quotations rather than examples of the use of incorrect English.

His third paragraph - there lies the rub. As any school boy who pays attention knows, a single advertiser, eg one of your advertisers, would not be the subject of a clause which continues 'who have shot themselves in the foot'. Perhaps Mr Wickham subscribes to the modern incorrect and inept convention of using the third person plural to avoid offending any lady who feels left out of the human race when a writer uses himself in this context. Do not worry Mr. Wickham, as you were reporting an error no lady could be responsible; ask any married man.

If L Wickham is Lou Wickham of Alvis 12/50 fame, I would prefer that he should write about his motoring exploits which, from the little I know of them, would be most entertaining and a fine example to all young VSCC members.

Geoff Rigg

Amlwch, Gwynedd.