Bill Little's Alfa


I can answer Mr McDonald's queries on the above (Letters, Sept 1990). This car was abandoned at London Airport by a navigator of Air India Airways nearly 40 years ago. It was commandeered by HM Customs and sold by them to me for £50 via the late Ken Taylor of Thompson and Taylor.

Some bearings in the rear axle had failed so I rebuilt it, did some work on the engine and swopped it with Bill for a 1928 Lambda DHC and some cash.

When I bought it the car was full of junk including the original 1939 catalogue. This showed the car to be a standard production work on the long chassis. Also on this chassis were a saloon of similar shape and a Coloniale which was a desert or army vehide.

Incidentally the King of Morocco had an identical car.

AR Piper,

Ewhurst, Surrey.