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May I again extoll the merits of the H-registration Ford Sierra 4 x 4 EFi which I am using, as having possibilities for those in the market for a used family car or workhorse? Its 42,000-mile interim service cost £38.73 including VAT, the only replacements being a bulb behind the digital clock, oil and the oil filter. After 43,750 miles it is nicely mellowed and performing, as from the start, troublefree. Remarkably it used no oil between 6000mile services, (and it is not over-filled at these, I have just checked), the last mpg check after a bout of fast Motorway town and country showed 28.6, but at 24,000 miles the Pirelli P60s are coming to life’s end, the one at the n/s rear about shot. But that is considerably better than the mileage I got from Uniroyals. For a 4 x 4, ABS-braked car with plenty of seating and boot space, electric windows all round, sun roof, windscreen aerial and the winter boon of a heated screen, a decent range of fascia info and courtesy lights, ample urge from the twin-cam engine which makes 6000 rpm without complaint, an excellent Ford audio system, and a remarkable steering lock for an all-wheeldrive vehicle, it appeals to me, as it might to you. W B