Schneider rumours

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An American reader is seeking information about a 1907 40/50 hp Rochet Schneider. It is one of three such cars purchased by the wealthy Spaulding family, after Leon Spaulding had bought a car of this make early in 1905 during a visit to France and had found it to have “a fine-running engine and to be a good looking car”, which encouraged the subsequent order. But in 1911 one of the three cars was traded-in for a Simplex. The Rochet-Schneider that has been restored by the discoverer is number 7353, series

7340, with engine no 7310, said to have been the most expensive foreign car in the USA in 1907. It was driven by the chauffeur, Walter Tarbell. Rumour suggests that the car, which with its 140 x 180mm engine of over 11 litres will still do close to 80 mph, with something in hand, was shipped to France and Britain many times, to take part in speed-trials or races, which the demountable doors (fitted in 1909) and easily-removeable rear of the touring Judkins body would facilitate. Can anyone confirm this, please?