James Crocker

The VSCC and the world of amateur motoring sport is mourning the death, at 70, after a short illness, of James Crocker, that Club’s President from 1978 to 1980. He will be remembered as a humorous but firm holder of that position, and an active one, racing a Lagonda Rapier and more recently having acquired a Clyno for VSCC light-car events. Educated at The Beacon and Marlborough, James studied law at Clare College, Cambridge and joined his father’s firm of solicitors, which incidentally had successfully defended the BARC against claims from spectators in the two accidents at Brooklands when cars went through or over the railings into the spectators.

Cracker’s career was interrupted by service below decks in the Royal Navy, and as a Tank Commander. His keen interest in cars had begun when the chauffeur taught him to drive on a Minerva. He became an active Lagonda CC and VSCC participant, first running a 3-litre Bentley, followed by a 16/80hp Lagonda, while he was completing his Law Degree, after the war. He was a willing official at Club events and will be remembered for his easy approach to others no matter who, coupled with a no-nonsense approach to duty, and especially for his ready sense of fun, his piano-playing, and love of the good life. That was James Crocker, whose favourite comedy character was Oliver Hardy.

To his wife Barbara, his son Simon, and his step-sons Julian and Christopher, we join in the universal sympathy. W B