A Goodwood Trophy

Andrew Frankel was right when he observed that Goodwood was the true successor to Brooklands. With its short races at the initial meetings and the happy atmosphere this was indeed true — even the organisers initials — BARC — were the same! But one did not wish to forget the long-lived Weybridge Track. So from 1950 Motor Sport presented its Brooklands Memorial Trophy, contested at Goodwood Members’ meetings on a points basis. Mr W J Tee, the magazine’s owner, took much care in finding a handsome cup, which was supplemented by prize money funded partially from the former Motor Sport Motor Racing Fund. At the final meeting of the season the Cup was contested in a Motor Sport race. (This was not to be confused with the Motor Sport Clubs Trophy, won at special races put on for us by other clubs, nor the Motor Sport Silverstone Trophy.)

(The race meetings for the trophy do not appear to have been completed in 1965. After the closure of the circuit the trophy was transferred to the VSCC, to be contested by pre-war cars which might have run at Brooklands, and occasionally the winners might be actual ex-Broadlands cars.)