Miscellany, October 2002



Bruce Dowell, formerly the STD’s Sunbeam Registrar (from whom Pat Durnford has taken over), has saved a 20/60 Sunbeam first registered in 1926 from being scrapped. Its coupé body was removed, and in 1967 Eddie Berrisford, from whom Dowell acquired it recently, took pity on it. The chassis is apparently complete and in good order and a new owner is being sought.


Julian Majzub, BSc Eng, who is well-known for his historic racing cars which he exercises with notable skill, has changed the name of the new block-tread racing tyres he has recently introduced from Trident to Blockly. The latest size, 5.25/6.00 x 21, in these high grade vintage-styled tyres, have been subjected to tests by Roger Collings on his son’s Bentley, and on Tim Houldings’ Bentley (below), and on Philip Strickland’s 3-litre Bentley. The results are reported as very good. Sizes from 4.00 x 19 upwards are available. Enquiries should be made on 01386 701717, or fax 01386 700111.