Audi rebuilds streamliners



Audi Tradition has recently completed the construction of replicas of the three Wanderer ‘Streamline Specials’ entered by Auto Union for the Liège-Rome-Liège events of 1938-39. They are authentic replicas of the original cars, built by Werner Zinke GmbH.

The cars won the manufacturers’ team prize in the 3000-mile marathon of 1939.

These 900kg aluminium-bodied cars were powered by 2-litre straight-six engines designed for Wanderer in the early 1930s by Ferdinand Porsche.

Two of the recreated machines are owned by Audi Tradition and will be on display in its Ingolstadt museum; the third is owned by the Belgian Audi importer D’Ieteren

Wanderer was one of the marques signified by the famous interlinking four-ring Audi badge.