Inside line



Martin O’Connell Gold Cup triple winner

How did you make the switch to historic racing?

“I’ve known Sandy Watson for eight or nine him on years now and I’ve raced with and off in two-driver races. He bought the B16 and the Lotus 59 fairly recently and he asked me to drive them. I tested the B16 for him and we got it sorted out. I normally just try to set them up and then he does the racing.”

Have you done much racing this year?

“I’ve done some Formula Two in the Lotus, and for the Gold Cup he asked me to drive the B16 as well. The Jochen Rindt F2 series has been good and the car has been excellent. Sandy likes the cars to be driven properly! The people are friendly and there are some good drivers in there. I enjoy it.”

How different is this to racing in contemporary Formula Three?

“You have to be more respectful to the cars, especially with the B16 as it’s pretty valuable. You also have to respect the other drivers as well. I may drive at 100 per cent, but not all of the others are. You give people room and don’t make it too difficult. The cars are fabulous to drive; they’re so much more fun than anything I’ve ever driven before.”

What does the future hold for you?

“It is down to Sandy if I car on. If he wants me to drive the cars, I will. I’d like to do a few more historic races. I’d consider cars from any era, but I’d love to have a drive in some 1950s Formula One cars and see what they’re like — just for the sense of nostalgia. I’d drive anything that has been nicely prepared.”