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More ‘fan’ mail


Further to the David Cole letter on the fan car controversy. I can confirm that the Lotus version never ran.

Outraged by the Brabham’s ‘illegality and inelegance, and the thought of Gordon Murray outfoxing him, Colin Chapman charged us to produce the most extreme version possible by the next race. Two large industrial fan units were purchased, squeezed beside each other in between the back wheels. These were run from the back of the gearbox by enclosed belt drives. As I recall, the mechanical work was hastily completed, and the bodywork cobbled up — enough to inform the FIA that the monster existed. and I think, a photo taken to prove it.

Fortunately, it was all then dropped. which was probably just as well, as it would quite likely have fallen apart if it had been required to call the bluff.

I would reject David J Coles’ criticism of the Lotus 50th birthday. I agree that the team no longer produce modern race cars, but would he deny the celebration of Stirling Moss’s birthday by the same logic?

Martin Ogilvie, Norfolk