VSCC GP100 at SeeRed

Donington scores a century
From Edwardian rumble to V10 Ferrari shriek, look forward to the sights and sounds of 100 years

Goodwood did it, Magny Cours did it and now Donington is doing it. That’s to say, celebrating the centenary of grand prix racing.

The Derbyshire circuit is taking the red route and calling their event ‘GP100 at SeeRed’. This, mercifully, has nothing to do with heavy metal bands but everything to do with racing cars, and features competitive racing from every significant era beginning with the Edwardians and running through to near-contemporary Formula 1.

The two-day programme, staged by the VSCC, is crammed full of racing and plenty of sideshows. On the Saturday there is a motorcycle race, demo laps by grand prix cars, a historic race for 1960s Sports and GT Prototypes and a team relay race for pre-war sports cars. Now that’s variety for you.

On the Sunday there are no less than nine races including HGPCA grand prix cars, Thoroughbred GP machines, and another eight-lapper for the motorcycles. The main feature is the VSCC Williams Trophy race, named after the gentleman racer Grover Williams who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 1929. This is for pre-1934 grand prix cars and is the first time the Williams Trophy race has run at Donington. This means lots of Bugattis – a Type 35 won last year – and Alfa Romeos. See red, and blue in this one. And some British Racing Green.

Covering a century of racing in just two days is a tall order, but the VSCC is using maximum revs to make this a weekend to remember. Not only is there plenty of action on the circuit but there’s also the added attraction of the Donington Grand Prix Collection. A special offer allows two-for-one admission to the museum with race-day tickets. This and flying displays by a Canberra, a Spitfire and an Antonov biplane, back up the VSCC’s claim that this will be a fabulous weekend for all the family.

GP100 is at Donington on September 23 and 24. Tickets are available in advance for both days and there are discounts for registered clubs.

Call 01608 644 777, or visit: www.see-red.uk.com