THE SKY DEAL e big talking point on the

e big talking point on the ebsite this month has been he news that Sky will take

over live British TV coverag of Fl from 2012 to 2018. In our Week in Motor Sport’ video features editor Rob Widdows and associate editor Ed Foster discussed the move, which will see the BBC air only half the races live next season. Not surprisingly, the vast majority o you are against the deal.

“We can’t have a Sky dish as we’re in a reception black spot,” said GH. “So this deal has excluded me from half the races. We all know Fl is a business, but it only exists because of the sport. That means the fans do count, and there are a lot in the UK. Let’s hope enough of them think their interest in the sport ‘ worth £480 a year…” But Hamfan suggested that Sky will do a better job than the

4 Beeb: “(This is) super news. S ‘ do sports so much better, it’s pity they can’t start right now.” Cue a long