in With other series we’ve always said there are alternative routes a driver can take to the top. But it’s hard to argue against doing F3.

1:1 Both series have a reputation for producing top-line drivers. Even though the standard in the F3 Euro Series isn’t that good at the moment, if you win either title you can be considered ‘one to watch’.

13 Drivers learn how to work with a team and engineer a car properly thanks to the huge amount of testing and development you are allowed to undertake.

in Even British F3 takes in proper tracks around Europe including Monza, the NOrburgring and Spa.

• The £500-650,000 annual budget for British F3 is expensive when compared to Formula 2 (£230,000) and the F3 Euro Series, but the amount of track time a driver gets helps to compensate.

• The F3 Euro Series has produced many Fl drivers in a relatively short space of time, but right now it isn’t as strong as the British championship.

• There is a hierarchy of teams, and if you’re not in a top outt you won’t be winning on a regular basis.

IN The races can be somewhat processional, and there are other equally good places to learn racecraff.

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