THE KLAUSEN HILL CLIMB /THE ‘Clausen hill climb, which was the fourth of the series of events counting for the Interna

. tional mountain championship, provided a striking victory for Louis Chiron, who on the new 16cylinder 4-litre Bugatti broke the record for the hill which he set up last year. The Klausen pass is 13i miles long and rises over 3,800 feet to a height of more than 5,800 feet above sea level with an average gradient of 6.2°, stiffening in places to 8.5°. The road has innumerable corners, but Chiron succeeded in covering the course in 16 minutes 24 2/5 seconds, at an average speed, from a standing start of 49.13 m.p.h. Hans von Stuck, the Austrian crack who has put up the best performance in two of the other championship events, and who recently broke the record for the Shelsley Walsh climb, was only 3 3/5 seconds slower than his French rival, and made second fastest time of the day. Tazio Nuvolari, who won the remaining championship event which has been run, was only driving a 1750 c.c. Alfa-Romeo in the sports car class at the Klausen, and was second in this class. Fastest time of the sports car was made, as usual, by Rudolph Caracciola on his giant Mercedes, and this combination would now appear to be a certain winner of the sports car division of the championship. The final result were as follows :— SPORTS CARS. Up to 750 c.c.-1, Simons (D.K.W.), 22m. 24 3/5s. ; 2, Schmidt (B.M.W.), 24m. 12 4/5s. ; ‘Up to 1100 c.c. : 1, Maret (Salmson), 19m. 31 4/5 s. ; 2, Lepicard (Donnet), 20m. 9 1/5s. ; 3, Schneider (Derby), 20m. 55 1/5s. Up to 1500 c.c. : 1, ICrisler (Alfa-Romeo), 20m. 47 4/5s. Up to 2-litres : 1, Nu volari (Alfa-Romeo), 17m. 39 3/5s. ; 2, Kauer (Bugatti), 18m. 6s. ; 3, Krisler (Alfa-Romeo), 18m. us. Up to 3-litres : 1, Burggaler (Bugatti), 19m. 53 4/5s. ; 2, Suchs (Bugatti), 18m. 43 2/5s. ; 3, Escher (Bugatti), 18m. 44 4/5s. Up to 5-litres : 1, Fredler (Steyr), 19m. 29 1/5s. ; 2, Zuriel (Chrysler), 20m. 38s. Up to 8-litres : 1, Caracciola (Mercedes), 17m. 4 3/5s. ; 2, Spandel (Mercedes), 18m. 34 1/5s. RACING CARS. 500 c.c. : 1, Offeinder (D.K.W.), 23m. 43 3/5s. 750 c.c. : 1, Mar

kiewich (Rosengart), 25m. 31s. 1500 c.c. : 1, Lehmann (N.S.U.), 20m. 22s.; 2, Witwer (Bugatti), 21m. 14 3/5 s. ; 3, Hohlhuimer (N.S.U.), 27m. 42 3/5s. 2-litres : 1, Stuber (Bugatti), 16m. 43s. 3-litres : 1, Bortriat (Bugatti), 17m. 16 2/5s. ; 2, Von Morgen (Bugatti), 17m. 25 2/5s. ; 3, Hartmann (Bugatti), 17m. 42 2/5s. 5-litres : 1, Chiron (13ugatti), 16m. 24 2/5s.; 2, Von Stuck (Austro-Daimler), 16m. 28s. 8-litres : 1, Roden stein (Mercedes), 18m. 14 4/5s.