THE organisers of the Manx Grand Prix are hopeful that the two races are going to be a big success. As will be seen from the following lists, both the Junior and Senior events are well supported, the number of entrants being forty-eight and fifty-two respectively.

The races will, as in the case of the Amateur T.T., be over the Manx T.T. course, the Junior Race being held on Tuesday, September 9th, and the Senior on Thursday, September 11th. Six laps of the course will constitute a race, instead of seven, as in the International T.T. races. Practising commences to-day and will take place between the hours of 5.30 and 7 each morning, during which period the roads making the course will be closed to any other traffic. To qualify, at least five laps have to be covered, and in the case of competitors in the Senior race, for 500 c.c. engines, one of these must have been completed within 50 minutes. Competitors for the Junior Race, for 350 c.c. engines, must cover a lap within 53 minutes. Riders who have ridden in Amateur T.T. Races, however, can qualify by completing three laps, one of which must, of course, be covered within the specified time.

ENTRANTS AND MACHINES. JUNIOR RACE: E. Forman (348 Velocette), Tunbridge Wells (A Mackintosh) (348 Velocette), W. J. Hewstone (348 Velocette), T. Levings (348 Velocette), F. L.Frith (348 Velocette), C. G. Wheatley ( ), G. A. Kilburn (348 Rex Acme), W. Whitehead (347 Sunbeam), J. H. Carr (348 Norton), J. A. Mc. Leslie (346 Levis), M. E Crosland (348 Velocette), Geo. Corney (348 Raleigh), A. L. Hodgson (346 A.J.S.), R. S. Moorhouse (348 Norton), T. L. Bookless (348 Velocette), W. Hill (346 Levis), D. J. Pixie (348 Velocette), H. H. Lennie (348 Velocette), F. Nichols (346 A.J.S.), R. Parker (348 Velocette), F. Johnson (350 Montgomery), B. Parrish (348 Velocette) H. Harris (346 A.J.S.), J. R. Lowe (348 Cotton Blackburne), N. Croft (348 Norton), C. B. Bickell (348 Chater Lea), W. B. Jury (L. R. Reynolds), (346 O.K. Sup. Jap), Craner’s Garages Ltd. (J. Clay) (348 Velocette), Craner’s Garages (R. D. Artnytage) ( ), R. Stobart (348 Velocette), J. Muir (348 Cotton Blackburne), F. Burgess (348 Velocette), J. W. Forbes (350 S.G.S.), E. L. Roberts (348 Velocette), J. W. Potts (350 Grindlay P.), N. R. Lee (346 A.J.S.), N. Robson (349 B.S.A.), J. A. Fleet (346 New Hudson), W. Comes (346 A.J.S.), W. E. Jones (348 R. Acme Blackburne), R. A. MacDermid (346 New Imperial), D. R. Poyser (348 Cotton Blackburne), E. W. Monk (348 Sunbeam), A. S. Hogg (346 New Hudson), W. N. Jordan (348 O.K. Sup. Jap), W. Riley (346 A.J.S.), P. Dawson (348 Sunbeam),

D. Stone ( ).

‘SENIOR RACE: J. H. Carr (490 Norton), E. Forman (348 Velocette), H. E. Newman (493 Sunbeam), E. R. Merrill (499 Rudge), S. Lees (493 Sunbeam), H. Levings (493 Sunbeam), F. L. Frith (348 Velocette), J. Fletcher (493 Sunbeam), W. C. Cooper (498 Triumph), K. H. Williman (490 Norton), J. Williams (499 Rudge), S. C. Vince (490 Norton), Grimsby & Cleethorpes (R. Allen) (493 Sunbeam), V. Jackson (496 Cotton), R. S. Moorhouse (348 Norton), T. L. Bookless (348 Velocette), D. J. Pine (348 Velocette), C. P. Tutt (499 Rudge), “A. Macintosh” (499 Rudge), H. L. Daniell (490 Norton), C. D. Reich (493 Sunbeam), G. W. Wood (499 Rudge), R. Harris (490 Norton), N. Croft (490 Norton), H. E. Nicholson (499 Rudge), D. Kenyon (493 Sunbeam) R. Stobart (498 Scott), R. Rogerson (499 Rudge), J. M. Muir (348 Velocette), F. Burgess (350 S.G.S.), N. Gledgill (490 Norton), J. W Forbes (348 Velocette), J. Swan (490 Norton), A. Ashey (499 Rudge), W. E. Jones (499 Rudge), R. A. Macdermid (Cotton Blackburne), L. A. Hutchings (499 Rudge), B. W. Sawbey (499 Rudge), W. Rigg (499 Rudge), J. D. Wetherill (493 Sunbeam), A. Brewin (499 Rudge), E. A. Hilbert (490 Norton), M. H. Mavrogordato (498 Scott), H. E. Weeks (493 Sunbeam), Central Garage Ltd. (H. Hartley) (499 Rudge), Central Garage Ltd. (Herb. Hartley) (499 Rudge), J. Kenyon (493 Sunbeam), M. J. Dawson

), W. N. Jordan (496 New Hudson), H. R. Kernble (499 Rudge), F. Varey (490 Norton), S. Woods (499 Rudge).