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The Future of the T.T.

THE result of the Ulster Tourist Trophy has provided much food for thought among all interested in the sport, and many valuable lessons will have been learnt by both winners and losers. One thing, however, which is very definitely established is the fact that the unsupercharged car is at a greater disadvantage on a road circuit than it is on the track, and that the supercharged cars in this event, in spite of conceding a start, beat the other type at both ends of the scale. The little M.G. Midget put up a percan

formance which can only be fully realised by actually seeing them in action. Cold figures mean little in comparison to the sight of these 750 c.c. cars showing a turn of speed and acceleration which a few years ago would have been considered very wonderful in an engine of twice their size. The increase in performance due to the use of a supercharger has become steadily greater as this instrument has been developed, and the greater power-weight ratio which it renders possible will ensure a better performance than a larger capacity engine giving the same total brake horse power. There are advantages still

in silence and economy, also in reliability, in the unsupercharged unit, and the wonderfully consistent performance of the Rileys and Talbots in the Tourist Trophy has shown how a well designed car of this type will go. At the same time it is evident that, if the handicap system is to be continued, they will have to be given a greater start if they are to be really close up at the finish. On the other hand, handicapping of any sort is a purely arbitrary affair, and if the fastest type of road racing car is to be developed we

car we will have to revert to the scratch race for unrestricted cars. It looks as if we are gradually reaching this stage, as the special sports car of to-clay is a racer in essentials.

But of course the handicap system gives all classes a chance of winning and should not be dropped. Perhaps we shall shortly come to the idea of an unrestricted Tourist Trophy in which the fastest car will win, with a handicap prize as an important, though secondary, consideration. This would De an innovation which many of us would like to see introduced.

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