On August 2nd the Triplex Safety Glass Company celebrated its 21st birthday for it was on August 2nd, 1912 that the first board meeting of the company was held.

The original factory was at Hythe Road, Willesden, and when the company began its sales campaign, there was not much interest in safety glass. Motorists in those days regarded cuts as one of the necessary perils of motoring ! The company was just getting into its stride when War broke out and for four years its energies were mainly devoted

to producing safety glass for tanks, armoured cars, aeroplanes, submarines and warships.

After the War the company had practically to start their publicity and sales campaign again, but with the growing interest in motoring, success came more easily.

The turning point in the history of the company was the cablegram sent by Mr. Reginald Delpech, the founder of the company, to Mr. Henry Ford after he had been injured by an accident at Detroit.

"Trust you have not been cut by broken glass. Pit Triplex and be safe." The cable had its effect for within seven months Mr. Ford had signed a contract for the standardisation of Triplex on all Ford cars in America.

Riley followed by fitting Triplex and when the company had sufficient output capacity, Austin and Morris followed suit.

The company was only able to cope with these orders because of the opening of the new factory at King's Norton, near Birmingham.