PROSPECTS FOR THE “FIVE HUNDRED.” Thirty Four Entries at Second Closing Date for B.R.D.C. Race on September 16th.

0N numbers alone the 500 Miles Race for 1933 is assured of success, for at the second closing date no fewer than 34 cars had been entered. This race has secured a permanent position of popularity with cars and drivers alike, and the British Racing Drivers’ Club has every reason to anticipate a repetition of previous years’ successes on September 16th.

The only fault to find in the present list of entries is a lack of heavy metal. In the list there are 11 cars of 750 c.c., 12 of 1,100 c.c., 6 of 1,500 c.c., 1 of 2,000 c.c., I of 3,000 c.c., and 3 of 5 litres. From the drivers’ point of view the race will be an interesting one as it is, but spectators would undoubtedly benefit by the entry of a few more fast, big cars.

Prognostics of a handicap race are a difficult matter, especially when there is such a discrepancy between the size of competing cars. Barring trouble, Horton’s and Eyston’s M.G. Midgets, one of the ” works” Austins, B. R. Hall’s M.G. Magnette and F. W. Dixon’s Riley all stand a good chance, but the race is a long one, and Kaye Don’s Bugatti certainly has the necessary speed to gain the day, if tyres and refuelling stops do not present a longer delay than on the smaller cars. Of the 750’s, three ” works” Austins will be pitted against eight M.G. Midgets. Of these Horton’s and Eyston’s cars are by far the fastest, and can build up a good lead with plenty of revs, in hand. Horton’s car, of course, won the race last year. The Austins are very reliable, however, as witness their canter in the Relay Race. Of the other Midgets, Kenneth Evans car is really fast, although

now a veteran, and can lap at 100 m.p.h. till the cows come home. J. C. Elwes’ car is one of the new long-wheelbase models and is very fast. Mansell’s is the car he has raced at Donington and Douglas, and is making its first Track appearance. Hailwood is a well-known M.G. driver, at Brooklands and at Belfast ; Freeman’s car should do well ; and Balmain and Low have a very speedy ” unblown ” model.

In the next group, up to 1,100 c.c. of the four M.G. Magnettes Whitney Straight’s should be as fast as any. E. R. Hall would be a popular winner, and will have to be watched. Vallop and ManbyColegrave are two regular Magnette drivers, the latter having done very well in the B.R.D.C. Empire Trophy Race. Alan Hess’s three ” L” type /vlagnas are remarkable cars, being very fast for tinblown motors, and completely reliable.

The 1,500’s are a mixed bag of Lady Selsdon’s unblown Frazer Nash ; Henry Laird’s McEvoy Special, of which we have no particulars at the time of writing ; Frank Hallam’s 8 cyl. T.T. Alvis, a great car, and winner of the India race at the Empire Trophy Meeting ; T. S. Fothringham’s newly acquired supercharged Bugatti; G. N. Crowther’s 0.M., the car raced so successfully by H. Widengren last year. and capable of lapping at 117 m.p.h.; and Charles Follett’s Alvis, recovered, we hope, from its explosive outburst on August Bank Holiday. C. 0. H. Lunham’s Speed Twenty Alvis, a car developed by constant racing to a high pitch of efficiency and speed, will be matched against E. L. Gardner’s 2 litre

G.P. Sunbeam, of the “Cub” type, a genuine 125 m.p.h. lap-speed car.

Finally, there will be two 44 litre Invictas, one in the hands of A. C. Lace, head of Invicta Car Sales, and well-known Invicta driver, and the Portuguese competitor, E. F. Abecassis ; and last, but certainly not least, Kaye Don’s 4.9 Bugatti, “Tiger II,” a car capable of really high speeds, and now in better form than it has ever been before.

Well, we shall see !

Well, we shall see ! List of Entries at Second Closing Date.

K. D. Evans, 736 c.c. M.G. Midget (S.).

R. T. Horton, 747 c.c. M.G. Midget (S.).

G. E. T. F..yston, 746 c.c. M.G. Midget (S.). Sir Herbert Austin, 747 c.c. Austin (S.). Sir Herbert Austin, 747 c.c. Austin (S.). Sir Herbert Austin, 747 c.c. Austin (S.).

H. G. S. Balmaiu and J. C. Low, 746 c.c. M.G. Midget.

J. H. Freeman, 746 C.C. M.G. Midget (S.). . C. Elwes, 746 c.c. M.G. Midget (S.).

S. W. B. Hailwood, 746 c.c. M.G. Midget (S.).

D. K. Mansell, 746 c.c. M.G. Midget (S.). Whitney Straight, 1,086 c.c. M.G. Magnette (S.).

E. R. Hall, 1,086 c.c. M.G. Magnette (S.). Alan C. Hess, 1,087 c.c. M.G. Magna “L.” Alan C. Hess, 1,087 c.c. M.G. Magna “I,” Alan C. Hess, 1,087 c.c. M.G. Magna “14.”

V. A. Cuthbert, 1,089 c.c. Riley (S.).

W. A. Cuthbert, 1,089 c.c. Riley.

R. A. Yallop, 1,087 c.c. M.G. Magnetic (S.).

H. G. D obbs, 1,087 c.c. Riley.

G. Manby-Colegrave, 1,086 c.c. M.G. Magnette (S.) .

F. W. Dixon’ 1,089 c.c. Riley.

F. W. Dixon, 1,089 c.c. Riley.

Anne, Lady Selsdon, 1,496 c.c. Frazer-Kash. Henry Laird, 1,454 c.c. McEvoy Special. Frank Hallam, 1,491 c.c. Alvis (S.).

T. S. Fothringham, 1,493 c.c. Bugatti (S.).

G. N. Crowther, 1,496 c.c. O.M. (S.).

Charles Follett, 1,496 c.c. Alvis.

C. G. H. Dunham, 2,511 c.c. Alvis.

E. L. Gardner, 1,988 c.c. Sunbeam (S.).

B. F. Abecassis, 4,467 c.c. Invicta.

A. C. Lace, 4,467 c.c. Invicta.

Kaye Don, 4,840 c.c. Bugatti (S.).