putting up a magnificent performance, but now he made a fatal error at a pit stop for refuelling. The operation was carried out in 50 seconds, but Shuttleworth was in such a hurry to get away that the mechanic could not properly close the radiator cap. The result was that on the eighty-ninth lap (the race consisted of 100) he stopped for good with engine trouble, having lost all the water. Zehender was also unfortunate, for he could not restart his engine after a pit stop and had to retire. Both these withdrawals benefited Sommer, who now took fourth place once more. His Alfa-Romeo by the way, was fitted with special airse:,ops for cooling the brakes.

Nuvolari now kept firmly ahead, and he flashed over the line to win the Nice G.P. for the second time, 8 seconds ahead of Chiron, with the third Ferrari driver, Dreyfus, 4 seconds astern.


100 Laps of 3.214 km. 321.400 km. in all.

1. T. l’itivolari (Alfa-Romeo) $h. 4m. 50.7s. 104.241 k.p.h.

2. L. Chiron (Alfa-Romeo) 3h. 5m. 7.9s.

3. R. Dreyfus (Alfa-Romeo) 3h. 5m. 11.6s.

4. R. Sommer (Alfa-Romeo) 4 laps behind.

5. Chambost (Maserati) 6 laps behind. 6. Soffletti (Masora!) 7 laps behind. Mao Ran : Lehoux (Maserati)’ Farina (Maserati); Etaneelin (Maaerati); Zehender (Maserati); Barbieri

Alfa-Romeo) ; Rapti (Alfa-Romeo); Eninet Maserati); Villanadierna (MaseratI); Shatleworth Alfa-Romeo) ; Martin (Bugatti) ; numb (Masetati) ; Lewis (Maserati).