Speed Record Pictures




Sit Malcolm Campbell’s Water Speed Record has been made the subject for the first attempt to provide the public with animated news pictures in pocket form. ‘While the ” Bluebird ” was skimming across Lake Maggiore the news-reel men on the bank were filming the run. A

number of the best ” a.tills ” from this film have been incorporated into an. ingenious little book or ” flicker.Based on a -well known principle, this will provide a short moving picture showing Sir Malcolm Campbell’s boat travelling at 129 m.p.h.

This novelty is now being printed for C. C. Wakefield & Co., Ltd., of Cheapside, London, who expect to have supplies ready for distribution in. a few days’ time. A number of them have been reserved for MOTOR SPORT readers and will be sent free to those whci write at once for Copies.