In beautiful weather the Bugatti Owners’ Club staged, very efficiently, their annual Speed Trials at Lewes on September 4th.

Arthur Baron, driving his newlyacquired 3.3-litre Bugatti, did two rims, in 18.7 secs. and 18.4 secs. respectively, which beats the record set up at the previous meeting by G. Taylor’s Alta. J. Lemon-Burton did a very fine run on a 2.3-litre Bugatti in 20.1 secs. and another in 20.8 secs. and J. K. W. Baines, on a snaking and wheel-spinning R-type M.G. Midget, did 21.7 and 22.1 secs. Craig’s type 55 sports Bugatti was outstanding, winning the medium sports class and the novices’ class, while J. G. Crowther’s blown 4.9-litre Bugatti, a most business-like motor with a vast exhaust system, beat two 4i-litre Invictas and Mrs. Garstin’s 61-litre Bentley in the large sports category. R. G. J. Nash had the veteran class to himself and put up a truly astonishing show with the 1912 15-litre Lorraine-Dietrich, which is becoming a striking force in modern sprint events. ” Old Charles,” in a great cloud of soot and smoke, clocked 26.6 secs, all the more remarkable as his mechanician assures us that he is still not functioning perfectly. Another run took 26.7 secs. The touring class went to Pattenden’s 11-litre Bugatti. In the

sports category G. A. T. Weldon’s blown Atalanta was easily the victor, with Rupert Pitchford’s FrazerNash third and W. Boddy, driving the original H.R.G., third. The last-named coped with a sticking clutch by very determined ratio-shifts and engaged top gear almost at the finish at about 4,300 r.p.m.

John Smyth ran a beautifully turnedout Brescia Bugatti, minus front wings, which it had shed excitingly on the drive down, but a fierce dutch action spoilt his getaway.

A. F. Walsham’s 2.3-litre Type 43 Bugatti sounded really beautiful and Miss Wilby put up some good showing with her Frazer-Nash, winning the handicap class. K. Gormly brought down a 175 c.c. Villiers-engined toy on the roof of his Invicta, in which he subsequently swayed up the course in 53.8 secs. We hope we are not in for an epidemic of this kind of thing, especially as the public treats motor competitions with too much levity as it is. But we can assure readers that

Baron’s entry of a 330 c.c. Bugatti was definitely a printer’s error in the programme !


Veteran Cars : R. G. .1. Nash (Lorraine-Dietrieb) 2(1.6a. Touring Cars :1, R. E. Pattenden (11-litre Bugatti) 27.8s.; 2, Mrs. 0arstin (6i-titre Bentley), 28.28.;

3, D. Monro Invieta,), 28.3s.

Sports-Cars under i1-litres: I, G. A. T. Weldon (11-litre Atalanta, s.) 26.4s. •, 2, It, Pitchford (iilitre Frazer-Nash), 27.08.; 3. W. 13oddy (11-litre 11.R.G.), 27,6s.

Sports-Cars 11–31 litres 1, Craig (2’3 Bugatti, a.) 24.9s.; 2, D. N. Leon (2-litre B.M.W.), 25.S8.; 3, A. F. Walsh= (2.3 Bugatti, s.), 26.9s.

Sports-Cars over 31-litres : 1, .T. G. Crowther (4.9 Bugatti, a.), 24.2s.; 2, R. M. Blomfield (41-litre Divide.). 25.8s. ; 3, Mrs. L. Garatin (61-litre Bentley) 28.0s.

Racing-Cars under 13-litres: K. W. Baines (750 c.c. 31.G., a.), 21,7s.; 2, K. GOrnily (175 e.e. Gormly).

Racing-Cars over 2-litres : I, A. Baron (3.3 Bugatti, is.sts.; 2, J. ikincsi-Burton (2.3 Bugatti, s.) 20.1s. ; 3, Craig (2.3 Bugatti, s.) 24.38. Handicap Class : 1. Miss M. Wilby (Frazer-Nash) ; 2, 0. A. T. 1,Vel(lon (Atalanta) Novices’ Class : I. Craig (2.3 Bugatti, s.) 24.9s. ;

2, A. 14′. Walshain (2.3 Bugatti, a.) :3, W. BOddy (11-litre 11.R.G.) 27.4s.

Fastest Time or the Day and Course Record (Percy Fawcett Cup) : A. ItAron (3.3 Bugatti. a.) 18.4s. Bachelier Cup : .1. G. Crowther (4.9 Ittigat ri. a.) 24.2s,