The Invicta Car Club will hold a film show at Mr. Donald Monro’s house on October 15th. Mr. Monro is well known as a eine enthusiast and this show should be very well worth attending. “The Gauntlet” for August corftained some very interesting information. Malone now owns another low chassis Invicta, and Durston is using N.L.C. springs and has had his engine overhauled. Monro has had a transmission overhaul ahd he and Edwards are very satisfied with the new Lucas 21,1sports coils. Monro ran at Prescott using only the coil. Treeck’s low chassis coupe has had an extensive engine overhaul, Whale, junr., has acquired a Lancia Lambda and Mrs. Monro’s Invicta is to become an open

bodied car again, following her order for a 12/70 Alvis saloon.

Anglian Motors, Ltd., who specialise in Invicta overhauls, find Ferodo NZ racing brake linings well worth while, and have fitted them to Monro’s, Evans’s and Treeck’s Invictas.

Hon. Secretary : D. Monro, “Windbrow,” Winnington Road, London, N.2.