NO follower of motor sport, whether he be racing motorist, trials driver or keen spectator can afford to be without a really accurate stop-watch. The occasions on which he will need this instrument are innumerable ; timing lap speeds ; checking accleration figures for stop and restart tests ; timing pit work practice ; gauging the relative positions of two cars in a race ; and so on. For accurate, guaranteed stop-watches one cannot do better than write to Messrs. Arnold & Co., 12, Hellenslea Avenue,

London, N W .11. The model which should have a particular appeal to sports motorists is the Arnold Universal Racing Recorder stop watch, registering 1/5th seconds, 25/-. This watch is guaranteed, and we can personally testify to its long wearing capabilities and accuracy. Cheaper models are also available, all

of them guaranteed. Normal wrist watches, with a third hand registering 1/5th seconds can. be bought for 15/-, a 30 hour pocket watch, with a centre registration to 1/5th secowl, which could be obtained for 1016 and is guaranteed for 2 years. The workmanship of every watch is first class and the dials are neatly calibrated.