FOR three years in succession the hottest of hot weather had favoured the Poole Speed Trials, but this year there was a severe contrast. A drizzle fell all the morning, and though this stopped before the sports-cars began their runs, the rain came down again later, and there was never any chance of the course record, held by R. J. W. Appleton with his Special in 21.99 secs., being broken.

It was remarkable that in the conditions a number of class records fell, and indeed the standard of driving was very high. Ian Cornell excelled himself with his victorious Darracq, making fastest time of the day with 22.69 secs. When one considers that the Darracq is a sports-car, and that many fast racing machines were In the lists, this was indeed a -fine feat. At first Connell had a lot of spin on the slippery road at the start, and in the super-sports class was beaten by Hugh

Hunter in his Alfa-Romeo. Hunter, shielding himself from the elements with an umbrella as he waited on the starting line, annexed three class records. One was with his Frazer-Nash-B.11.W. in the 3-litre sports class, when with 25.37 secs. he took nearly a second off the previous best, and the other two were the 3-litre and absolute super-sports records, with the Alfa Romeo, which took only 23.46 sec.

Hunter had not entered in the racing classes, but Connell removed his wings, and, with a finely judged start, just managed to get the better of R. J. W. Appleton. Appleton was a very consistent performer, putting up times of 28.20 secs., 23.56 secs., and 23.67 secs., but none of these could beat Connell’s 22.69 secs. Appleton, however, retained both the course record and the “noise record,”

spectators having to clap their hands over their ears as his deafening Special got away in fine style. A novel idea this year was that 5/from each racing car entry fee was allocated to a pool for the driver breaking the course record. If the record remained unbroken—as proved to be the case—the money was to be carried forward to the next event and thus there is a nice sum waiting for some fortunate individual.

Other drivers who did well were D. G. Silcock, who, on a comparatively dry course, broke the unlimited sports-car record with his Allard in 24.91 secs., and Miss Stanley-Turner, who drove her Q-type M.G. in great style to break the record in the class for 750 c.c. blown and 1,500 c.c. =blown racing-cars, taking 24.34 secs. Later in the rain she put up 27.40 secs. A commentary on the speed trials was again broadcast in the West Regional programme, and the twelve fastest cars made special runs during this period. A new note was struck by the announcer,

D. H. Delamont, who left his post in the broadcasting box to make a run up the course. The rain was at its worst, and Delamont, driving the Semmence Special, turned round and skidded off the course quite near his box ! H. W. Semmence himself also performed some gyrations on this car, but on one of his runs put up the remarkable time, for a 2-litre unsupercharged car, of 28.72 secs. RESULTS

Poole Trophy (fastest time;: 1, I. F. Connell (Darracq).

Memorial Trophy (record holder) R. G. W. Appleton (Appleton-Special, 8.).

Simon Memorial Trophy (fastest club member) : H. W. Semmenee (Semmence Special).

Sherrill’s Cup (second fastest time) : R. J. W. Appleton (Appleton Special). Ilambro Cup (fastest unsupereharged racing):

1. F. Connell (Darracq). Elliott Cup (fastest woman driver) : Miss D. M. S. Turner (31.G

Bristowe Cup (fastest. sports) : D. G. Silcock (Allard).

Martin Cup (fastest super-sports): H. C. Hunter (Alfa-Romeo). ” 500 ” Cup (fastest Fiat ” 500 “) : A. H. Hoy Sports-Cars

850 c.c. :1, M. R. F. Lemon (M.G.) 32.1s.

1,100 e.c. : 1, E. P. Huxharn (Morgan), 29.44s. 2, R. M. Andrews (M.G.), 30 423.; 3, R. IL Sanford (Fiat), 30.783.

1,500 c.c.: 1, G. D. Claridge (Frazer-Nash), 26.72s.; “. W. P. Uglow (H.R.G.), 27.08s. ; E. P. Iluxbamh'(Morgan), 29.12s.

3,000 c.c. : 1, 11. C. Hunter (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 2537*; 2, H. N. Pelmore (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 25.52s.; 3, 1). °wig(Frazer-Nash), 28.27s. Unlimited : 1, D. G. Silcoek (Allard), 24.91s.* ; 2, 11. N. Pelmore (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.)z 25.54s.;

3, H. C. Hunter (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 20.55s. Fiat ” 500s ” : 1, A. H. Hoy, 39.38s. Super Sports-Cars

850 e.e. :1, R. D. Poore (M.G., S.,), 29.53s.

1,100 c.c. : 1, B. P. Huxham (Morgan), 28.85s.; 2, R. D. Poore (M.G., S.), 29.87s.; 3, C. B. L. Burleigh (Morris, S.), 30.12s. 1,500 e.c. : 1, 0. M. Crozier (Bugatti, S.), 25.49s.* ;

2, W. P. Uglow 27.05g.; 3, P. C. T. Clark (11.R.G.), 27.08s.

8.000 e.e. •. 1, H. C. Hunter (Alfa-Romeo, S.), 23.77s.* ; 2, G. J. Clarke (Alta, S.), 25.22s.; 3, G. Bagratomi (Alfa-Romeo, S.), 25.27s.

Unlimited • 1, H. C. Hunter (Alfa-Romeo, S.), 23.46s.; 2. I. F. Connell (Darracq), 24.04s. ; 3, G. Bagratouni (Alfa-Romeo, S.), 25.29s. Racing-Cars

1,100 c.c. U/s. : 1, A. H. B. Hurst (31.G.), 27.708.; 2, E. G. M. Wilkes (Wilkes-J.A.P.), 28.03s.

1,500 c.c. IT/s, 750 c.c. S. : 1, Miss D. M. S. Turner (M.G. S.), 24.348.*; 2, G. ‘H. Symonds (M.G. 8), 24.483.; 3, E. G. M. Wilkes (Wilkes-J.A.P.), 26.08s.

2,000 c.c. U/s., 1,100 0.0. S. : 1, R. J. W. Appleton (Appleton Special, S.), 24.05s.; 2, Miss D. M. S. Turner (M.G. S.), 24.28s. ;3, G. H. Symonds (M.G. ll), 24.45s.

4,000 0.0. 1//s., 1,500 c.o. S.: 1, I. P. Connell (Darracq), 22.693.1.: 2, R. j. W. Appleton (Appleton Special, 8.), 23.20s.; 8, H. W. Semme,nce (Semmence Special), 23.72s. Unlimited U/s., 8,000 8.: 1, R. I. W. Appleton s(Appe.cpilaelt,7248.76:31.al, 8.), 23.56s.; 2, G. H. Symonds (M G., S.), 24.09s.; 8, D. H. Delarnont (Semmence

All Unlimited : 1, R. T. W. Appleton (Appleton Special, S.), 23.578.; 2, A. Baron (Bugatti, S.), 23.90s.; G. Lister Clark (Bugatti, S.), 28.92s.

*Class Records. tFastest Time.