Reports of Recent Events, September 1949

Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C. Team Test Trial — June 26th
1st. — Lancashlre and Cheshire C.C. Red Rose Team — C. Corbishley (C.C. Special), K. Bancroft (Bancroft Special), J. Price (Price Special). Total time 496.6 sec.
2nd. — Lancashire and Cheshire C.C. Wheatsheaf Team — J. Clegg (Clegg Special), K. Bailey (Riley), B. K. Thompson (A.W. Special). Total time, 508 sec.
3rd. — Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C. White Rose Team — T. C. Harrison (Harford), A. M. Beardshaw (A.M.B. Special), A. R. Priestley (Harley). Total time, 518.6 sec.
4th. — S.U.N.B.A.C. “A” Team — K. Rawlings (Rawlings Special), C. Bold (Bold Special), G. D. Waldron (Dellow). Total time, 522.9 sec.
Eleven teams competed.

Chiltern C.C. Tourist Trophy Trial
The Tourist Trial on June 26th attracted a large number of entries from the owners of the more standard-type of sports cars and sports saloons. The entry, however, did contain a number of out-and-out trials cars, but in spite of this the Tourist Trophy was won by W. E. Edgar driving a standard 1 1/4-litre M.G. saloon.

Tourist Trophy. — W. E. Edgar.
Closed-Car Award. — Holdrup (Jaguar saloon).
First-Class Awards. — Honour (Morgan “4/4”), M. Graham (Morris Eight).
Second-Class Awards. — G. Hancock (Allard), R. Richards (L.R.F. Special).

Lothian C.C. Sand Racing, St. Andrews
Held in poor conditions on July 30th, this event included a 30-lap race for a 100-guinea trophy presented by the Scottish Daily Mail.

30-Mile Handicap. — (Scottish Daily Mail Trophy):
1st: Gilbert Tyrer (1,971-c.c. B.M.W.).
10-Mile Handicap. — 1st: R. Flockhart (1,250-c.c. M.G.), 63.5 m.p.h.; 2nd: J. S. Mitchell (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.); 3rd: M. Goodson (1,950-c.c. Aston-Martin).

One-Mile Sprints
750-c.c. s/c, 1,100-c.c. Un-s/c: 1st: John Brown (1,086-c.c. Riley), 65.5 m.p.h.; 2nd: J. T. Faulkner (1,086-c.c. Riley); 3rd: J. B. Moncrieff (498-c.c. M.H.M.).
1,100-c.c. s/c, 1,600-c.c. Un-s/c: 1st: John Brown (1,086-c.c. Riley), 65.8 m.p.h.; 2nd: J. T. Faulkner (1,086-c.c. Riley); 3rd: 3. S. Mitchell (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.).
1,500-c.c. s/c, 4,500-c.c. Un-s/c: 1st: Gilbert Tyrer (1,971-c.c. B.M.W.), 65.8 m.p.h.; 2nd: John Brown (1,086-c.c. Riley); 3rd: Alex Reid (1,911-c.c. Omega).

V.S.C.C. of New Zealand Foley’s Hill-Climb
The results of this event, held on May 29th, came in recently. F.t.d. and a new course record were established by G. Reed (3,900-c.c. Reed Special), in 21.55 sec. Class winners were: R. Lord (974-c.c. H.R.G.), 27.91 sec., G. Pearse (1,350-c.c. s/c M.G.), 24.26 sec., A. Rizzo (1,496-c.c. Rizzo Riley), 22.2 sec.; and Reed.

Tenby M.C. Speed Hill-Climb
The above club held a speed hill-climb on a new course at Lydstep, near Tenby, in Pembrokeshire, on July 23rd, which might have been termed “Buckler’s Benefit”! Fastest time of the day was made by K. C. Delingpole (H.R.G.), with a time of 38 sec. for the 1/2-mile course — average speed 47.3 m.p.h. The course, which rises from sea level up to approximately 120 feet, and has five very fast bends, is exactly mile in length and eminently suitable for sports cars, “specials” and “500s.” There will be another event at Lydstep on September 17th.

Up to 750 c.c. — 1st: C. D. Buckler (Buckler special), 39.4 sec.; 2nd: O. H J. Davies (Ford Ten special), 40.2 sec.
Up to 1,260 c.c. s/c or 2,000 c.c. Un-s/c.-1st: C. D. Buckler (Buckler special), 39.4 sec.; 2nd: S. Edwards (Ford Ten special), 40.6 sec.
Unlimited. — 1st: C. D. Buckler (Buckler special), 39.4 sec.; 2nd: C. Lewis (Lewis special Ford Ten), 41.0 sec.
Lt.-Col. Howell’s Cup for F.T.D. — K. C. Dolingpole (H.R.G.), 38.0 sec.
Special Award for Fastest Standard Closed Car. — A. Bassett (Healey), 44.2 sec.

M.M.E.C. Silverstone Meeting
The Midland Motoring Enthusiasts’ Club held a meeting at the Silverstone manufacturers circuit on July 30th — another of those thoroughly enjoyable club events.


Ferrari The Invincible
Vallone’s 2-litre Ferrari won the Third International Dolomite Cup Sports Car Race, averaging 50.22 m.p.h. for the 189 mountainous miles. Cornacchias’ Ferrari was second, Rolt’s Alfa-Romeo third, while saloon Lancias dominated the touring class.

Racing at Aachener-Wald
Some 50,000 spectators watched a 750-c.c. racing car and a 1,100-c.c. sports car race at Aachener-Wald on July 24th. The former was won by Baron Hanstein’s Condor at 94 k.p.h., the latter by Müller’s V.W. Special, at 97 k.p.h. The latter was based on a Volkswagen.

Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C. Silverstone Meeting
Although this event took place as long ago as June 25th, the results were crowded out of the last issue and we append them so that those who bind their issues of Motor Sport will have a record of all the 1949 Club Silverstone races:

Sports Cars up to 1,300 c.c.1st: — L. J. Woods (1,086-c.c. M.G.), 59.5 m.p.h. 2nd: W. R. Croysdill (1,087-c.c. Riley). 3rd: E. J. Kehoe (1,089-c.c. Riley). Best “750”: S. E. Barnes (747-c.c. M.G.).
Racing Cars up to 750 c.c. — 1st: S. A. Coldham (497-c.c. Cooper), 68.11 m.p.h. 2nd: C. A. N. May (497-c.c. Cooper). 3rd: W. S. Aston (497-c.c. Cooper).
Sports Cars up to 1,500 c.c., Supercharged to 1,000 c.c. — 1st: G. R. Ruddock (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.), 62.3 m.p.h. 2nd: G. G. Radford (1,496-c.c. Riley). 3rd: T. W. Oxendale (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.).
Racing Cars up to 2,000 c.c. Non-Supercharged, Supercharged to 1,100 c.c. — P. M. Wilke (1,996-c.c. Rover), 72.47 m.p.h. 2nd: S. A. Coldham (497-c.c. Cooper). 3rd: R. W. Jacobs (1,080-c.c. M.G., S.).
Racing Cars Unlimited.— 1st: R. P. R. Habershon (1,496-c.c. Delage), 73.87 m.p.h. 2nd: P. M. Wilks (1,996-c.c. Rover). 3rd: R. Dutt (2,992-c.c. Maserati).
M. & M.K.M.C. Members’ Handicap. — 1st: A. J. G. Wicks (1,089-c.c. Riley), 54.18 m.p.h. 2nd: A. T. Wilson (3,486-c.c. Jaguar). 3rd: J. K. T. Line (1,250-c.c. M.G.).
Racing Cars up to 4,500 c.c. Non-Supercharged, Supercharged to 2,500 c.c.: R. P. R. Habershon (1,496-c.c. Delage), 74.1 m.p.h. 2nd: R. O. Ayrton (2,262-c.c. Bugatti). 3rd: B. R. Bradnack (1,426-c.c. B.R.A.).
Sports Cars up to 5,000 c.c. Non-Supercharged, Supercharged to 2,600 c.c. — 1st: G. E. Matthews (3,485-c.c. Jaguar), 67.57 m.p.h. 2nd: R. W. Jacobs (1,087-c.c. M.G., S.). 3rd: J. H. Craig (3,485-c.c. Jaguar). Best Vintage: T. H. Plowman (4,300-c.c. Vauxhall).
Sports Cars up to 2,000 c.c. Non-Supercharged, Supercharged to 1,300 c.c. — 1st: R. W. Jacobs (1,087-c.c. M.G., S), 67.6 m.p.h. 2nd: R. Way (1,971-c.c. B.M.W.). 3rd: J. M. Perkins (1,941-c.c. H.R.G.).

The Grand Prix of the A.C.F.
This race, distinct from the first French Grand Prix held recently and won by Ferrari, was the genuine article, but for sports cars only. It was run, over 312 miles of the St. Gaudens circuit, in torrid heat. Sommer led, in the 1939 Schell-G.P. Talbot with a sports-type 4 1/2-litre engine, at first with Chiron’s Talbot and Chabaud’s Delahaye behind him. Then the heat affected Chiron and Chaboud retired when his car’s engine went sick, so that at 30 out of the 46 laps it was Sommer — at over 91 m.p.h. — Pozzi’s Delahaye and Chinetti’s Ferrari. Phillips’ M.G. had vanished with a too-big big-end, and Jason-Henry had been delayed because the Walker Delahaye burnt his feet, while Grignard suffered similarly. Then Trintignant crashed his Simca badly because of that old Continental hazard, spectators on the road, and Schell, now driving the Sommer Talbot with four minutes in hand, had a blow-up that stopped this very fast car — it had lapped at 99.2 m.p.h. in practice — for good and all. This let Pozzi into the lead and he retained it to the end, averaging 87.94 m.p.h., compared with Le Begue’s (Talbot) victory in the 1939 sports car race at 97.8 m.p.h. Chinetti also encountered the spectator encroachment and slid the Ferrari into a ditch. Spectators, to make amends (?), restarted him, so irate officials pulled him down from the second place he occupied, to eighth place, where he would have “finished” had he stayed in his ditch! This let our John Heath into second place in his four-carburetter 2-litre Alta ahead of the Simca handled by Scaron, Chiron’s Talbot, Louveau and Veuillet in Deluges and Manzon’s Simca. Jolly good show, John!

Hartlepool Speed Trials
This was a promenade speed event in the good old tradition. Guy Warburton’s Allard not only made f.t.d., but broke the sports car course record, held by Tyrer’s B.M.W., by 0.2 sec., clocking 16.40 sec. for the 1/4 mile.

Sports Cars 850.c.c.: 1st: Killingbeck (747-c.c. Killard Special), 24.78 sec.
1,500-c.c.: 1st: M. E. W. Macartney (1,490-c.c. Singer), 18.86 sec.; 2nd : E. P. Hughes (1,352-c.c. Axis Special); 3rd: E. P. Scragg (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.).
Unlimited: 1st: G. Warburton (3,917-c.c. Allard), 16.40 sec.; 2nd: G. Tyrer (1,971-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.); 3rd: H. G. Pritchard (3,917-c.c. Allard).
Unlimited Supercharged: 1st: G. Warburton (3,917-c.c. Allard); 2nd: H. G. Pritchard (3,917-c.c. Allard); 3rd: E. N. R. Hewitt (3,622-c.c. Allard).
500-c.c.: 1st: J. G. Reece (496-c.c. Cooper), 16.68 sec.; 2nd: M. M. Breese (497-c.c. Iota Zephyr). 750-c.c.: Breese, 17.33 sec.
1,500-c.c.: 1st: M. M. Breese (497-c.c. Iota Zephyr); 2nd: M. E. W. Macartney (1,496-c.c. Singer); 3rd: J. H. Lafone (746-c.c. M.G.).
Unlimited: 1st: G. Tyrer (1,971-c.c. B.M.W.), 1.59 sec.; 2nd: H. G. Pritchard (3,917-c.c. Allard); 3rd: J. H. Lafone (746-c.c. M.G.).
Unlimited Supercharged: P. B. Reece (2,261-c.c. Bugatti), 16.44 sec.

Singapore M.C. Seremban Speed Trial
The results of the car Classes of this event, held on June 5th, were as under. The course measured half-a-mile and f.t.d. was made by Jens Skakke, a Dane, riding a Vincent-H.R.D. motor-cycle with h.c. pistons, on aviation fuel. He clocked 28.5 sec. and went over the line at 113 m.p.h. Fastest car time was 28.4 sec., by Moncrieff’s Kudensay Ford V8 special. F. W. Newman ran a “Gordon England” Austin Seven which was purchased at the 1926 Wembley Exhibition by the Sultan of Perak and which was found in a garage and rebuilt.

Touring Cars (Saloons), 1,000 c.c. — Loke Yaik Heng (Morgan three-wheeler), 39.4 sec.; W. G. Pillay (Austin Seven), 46.6 sec.
Touring Cars (Saloons), 1,195 c.c. — J. L. Seaton (Morgan “4/4”), 37.7 sec.; L. E. Jansz (Hillman Minx), 42.8 sec.
Touring Cars (Saloons), 1,595 c.c. — R. R. Jackson (M.G.), 27.9 sec.; Lee Soon Lee (Morgan “4/4”), 38.4 sec.
Touring Cars, Unlimited c.c. — J. A. Milne (Ford), 32.7 sec.; D. Humphries (Ford), 34 sec.; E. A. Kenneison (Pontiac), 35.1 sec.
Team Events. — Negri Motor Club (Major E. A. W. Lockyard, B. R. Jackson, F. M. Ferguson), 34.4 sec. average.
Racing Cars, 1,500 c.c.-Chia Eng Kwee (L.A.), 30.5 sec.; A. J. Ball (M.G.), 33.7 sec.
Unlimited c.c. Racing Cars. — J. N. K. Moncrieff (Kudensay), 28.4 sec.; J. A. Milne (J.D.), 28.5 sec.; Lim Peng Han (L.A.), 29.0 sec.; A. Mobarak (L.A.), 30.3 sec.
Ladies Events. — Mrs. Reeves (M.G.), 33.7 sec.; Mrs. R. A. Jennings (M.G.), 34.8 sec.; Mrs. G. J. Thornton, 35.0 sec.

Plymouth M.C. “200” Challenge Trophy Trial
Trials are here again! On July 31st the above-named event took place.

“200” Challenge and Andrew Trophies. — W. A. Cleave (H.R.G.).
Barton Trophy. — K. Wharton (Wharton Special).
Class 2 (Supercharged Cars). — A. Morrish (M.G.).
Class 3 (Unsupercharged Cars up to 2,000 c.c.). — E. Ellis (B.M.W.).
Class 4 (Carts over 2,000 c.c.). — K. Burgess (Allard).

Hemel Hempstead Veteran Rally
The Rally for veterans and Edwardians arranged on August Bank Holiday by the Motor Traders’ Section of the Hemel Hempstead Chamber of Commerce was very well organised. The cars assembled in the charming grounds of Lockers Park School, their drivers and passengers took lunch on the lawn with the Mayor while cars were judged for condition, mechanical as well as general, and for silence of engines. Thereafter the competitors essayed a procession as part of the local carnival and pageant, and prizes were presented in the pageant arena by the Mayor. Everyone got an individually inscribed bronze medal, as well as prizes for the class winners. Cars were then parked in an enclosure to which the public were not admitted — a thoughtful gesture. “New” veterans were Snoxall’s nicely-restored 6 1/2-h.p. Humber, awaiting confirmation of its age before the Brighton Run, MacGinnis’ 12-h.p., four-cylinder 1908 Panhard. with rather rough London-taxi body, and a 1911 12/16-h.p. Renault with leather mudguards, brougham body and an engine possessed of a most astonishingly slow and docile tick-over. The entrant of the last-named, not being a V.C.C. member, allowed the occupants to wear period costume.

Cars up to 1900 — Tankard: Major Browning (1900 New Orleans).
Cars, 1901-1904: — Tankard: S. J. Snoxall (1903 Humber); Medal: S. J Humphries (1904 Humber).
Cars, 1905-1908: — Tankard: P. C. Ward (1906 Renault).
Cars, 1909-1912: — Tankard: Mrs. Mawer (1909 Zedel); Medal: C. L. Read (1911-12 Renault)

Tunbridge Wells M.C. Third Annual Rally
Best-Looking Car in the Concours D’Elegance. — Raymond D. Wickham (1939 4 1/2-litre Lagonda coupé).
Premier Award. — C. W. P. Hampton (1910 Bugatti).
Runner-Up. — J. G. Hampton (driver, G. Mawer), (1904 Oldsmobile).
Class 1. — J. G. Hampton, as above. Runner-up: H. A. Plerpoint (1904 Mors, 30h.p.).
Class 2. — C. W. P. Hampton, as above. Runner-up: S. E. Sears (1912 Rolls-Royce).
Class 3. — A. W. Richards (1926 Alvis). Runner-up: C. G. Duce (1925 Alvis).
Class 4. — M. R. G. Eyre (1932 “Brookiands” Riley). Runner-up: H. A. Pierpoint (1939 Alvis).
Class 5. — M. Gotla (1949 M,G.). Runner-up: S. V. Welfare (1948 Sunbeam-Talbot “90 “).
Best T.W.M.C. Member. — M. R. G. Eyre, as above.

Hagley & D.C.C./S.U.N.B.A.C. Inter-Club Sporting Day
This event, which consisted of a series of driving tests, was held at Brookhampton Farm near Stourport-on-Severn, on August 14th, 1949, and resulted in a win for the challengers, who were the Hagley and District Light Car Club.

Driving at the top of his form, Ken Wharton won eleven events out of twelve for the Hagley Club. With a mysterious 1,500-c.c. engine in his famous special, he was matched against Ken Rawlings (Rawlings Special), and even against this worthy opponent he was successful in five events out of six.

J. L. Shaw (M.G.) delighted the crowd by his masterly handling of a standard M.G. saloon, in direct contrast to some over-enthusiastic competitors who collected marking posts and tried to drive straight through both artificial and natural obstacles. The final event was two laps of the full circuit of farmyard and orchard, and this gave the faster cars a chance to shine. A. J. Brown (M.G.) was both fast and neat, as was J. V. S. Brown (H.R.G.). J. E. de Blaquiere’s aged Austin Seven was surprisingly fast and he was able to beat his opponent J. F. Kemp (M.G.) in live events out of six. G. W. Best (Allard coupé) put up some very creditable times in what was a very difficult car for such a sinuous course, and J. D. Campbell was a tower of strength for S.U.N.B.A.C., driving the Rawlings Special instead of his own Austin.

Hants & Berks M.C. Great Auclum Speed Trials
This event, very well organised, was held under ideal weather conditions on August 14th. The 1/4-mile course embraces two sharp corners, one banked, and a twisty section, so that a premium is set on initial acceleration and low-speed cornering. For most competitors it is a second-gear run, and even Eric Brandon, who established a new course record, only averaged about 42 m.p.h. Spectators have a fine view of the banked bend in perfect safety and there was electrical timing and public address. The event’s popularity can be judged by the full entry of 100 cars. A wise rule was that prohibiting entry outside the appropriate class.

The first class saw Coles’ 746-c.c. M.G. beat a sports “1,100” F.I.A.T. “Balilla” and a special F.I.A.T. “1,100,” while Heyward’s “Ulster” Austin beat Lester’s 1,092-c.c. M.G., which now has rather soft 1 1/4-litre M.G. i.f.s. A. C. Griffiths went into the banked corner too fast and left the road in Mrs. Wadham’s Lagonda “Rapier,” which rolled over twice; he was able to return as a spectator after being stitched-up. Green’s old Amilcar beat Petty’s Singer Nine coupé.

Willis’ Continental-looking B.M.W. won Class 2, regaining its place from Hern’s Amilcar Six on its second run, and Ruddock’s H.R.G. just beat Jacobs’ M.G. Smith’s Aston-Martin broke something vital in its rear axle, but the Buckler, the Davies-Ford and Denyer’s old Lea-Francis made very impressive ascents, and G. F. Heyward took a modern 1 1.2-litre Riley saloon up really rapidly. Class 3 resulted in a tie between the rather different B.M.W.s of Way and Crook, with Perkins’ B.M.W./H.R.G. a good third. Arklay’s A.C./Frazer-Nash made best time until the second runs, and Venner’s artillery-wheeled “12/50” Alvis, quite belying its appearance, beat six other cars, a Healey included, of which the slowest and noisiest was Holland’s 3-litre Bentley.

The Jaguette, with smart new bodywork, won its class, while Emery was faster than Tullock in the Hudson-Special. The H.C. was a Ford Vs-engined Riley, someone suggesting that these initials stood for “hot and cold,” referring to the water in different parts of the blocks(?), while Henry rolled up in a vast Buick and Nixon was even slower in a Type 43 Bugatti. Cuff’s Iota-like Buzzie was best “500,” Christie gave Brandon a good run in his Cooper “1,000,” but Jarvis’ Austin Seven and Martin’s 747-c.c. M.G. beat Hartwell’s Cooper-H.R.G. Brandon displayed immense skill through the corners in making f.t.d. in 22.20 sec. — a fine show.

Perkins’ 35A Bugatti proved its worth in Class 7, Heyward got the Norris-Special taped on his second run, and Mould was an untidy third in the ex-Rowley twin rear-wheeled Bugatti. Butterworth, having repeatedly destroyed the timing spoon in practice in his four-wheel-drive A.J.B., clocked third fastest time in winning Class 8 from Hukins’ beautiful “2.3” alloy-wheeled G.P. Bugatti and Russell’s ex-Bear Type 44 Bugatti single-seater, although handicapped by finding second too low and so having to use his 3.8-to-1 third gear.


Lancia Driving Tests
The results of the driving tests at Overstone on June 19th were:
Best Performance of the Day, — A. C. Scales (M.G.).
Second. — J. Jane (Lancia).
Third. — Dr. Harris (Frazer-Nash).
The Lancia Challenge Trophy for the best aggregate performance by a team of four cars of one make was won by the Lancia Motor Club (Jane (“Lambda”), P. Doyle (“Lambda”), P. Pulver (“Aprilia”) and A/Cdr. N. R. Buckle (“Lambda”)). Runners-up: The Frazer-Nash Section of the V.S.C.C. (Dr. Harris, A. C. Sears, H. H. Cundey and N. Wykes).
There were 38 runners, from the following clubs: Aston-Martin Owners, A.C. Owners, Bentley Drivers, Lagonda Car, Lancia Motor, M.G. Car and the Frazer-Nash Section of the V.B.C.C. The 750 Club, who were to have competed with a team of Austin Sevens, scratched, and the M.G. Car Club could only raise three cars so they started with a 210-point loss, the maximum number of points which could be lost by a fourth driver had he entered.

Best performances in individual tests were: —
Test 1: J. Stone (Lagonda). Test 2: J. Jane (Lancia). Test 4: P. Bucknall (M.G.). Test 5: A. C. Sears (Frazer-Nash). Test 6: M. Howarth (Lagonda). Test 7: K. A. Scales (M.G.). Test 8: R. Beasty (M.G.). Test 3, which was devised by the 750 Club, was not run as they did not enter a team.

Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C. Maidstone Rally
Over forty cars were entered, included among the competitors being a 1911 Artol Johnson in first-class form.

Vintage up to 1930. — 1926 Alvis (A. W. Richards).
Up to 1936. — 1935 Bentley (R. Kempe-Roberte).
Up to 1939. — 1939 Alvis (W. Pierpont).
Up to Date. — 1,500-c.c. 1949 Singer (W. Gatward)
Following the Concours, the sprint and tests were taken. In the sprint, J. R. Kempe-Roberts (Allard) put up the fastest time of 17.9 sec.
In the first test, G. F. Hayward (1 1/2-litre Riley) and C. Boyes (Batten) both clocked 43.00 sec.
In the second test, P. Stanley put up the best time, 63.3 sec., in his Talbot “105.”
The results of the Rally are as follows: —
Best Performance of the Rally. — A. J. G. Wicks (Riley Special).
Best Performance of the Rally (Closed). — G. F. Hayward (1 1/2-litre Riley).
Best Performance up to 1,500-c.c. (Open). — A. W. Richards (Richards Special).
Best Performance Over 1,500-c.c. (Open). — C. Boyce (Batten)
Best Performance up to 1,500-c.c. (Closed). — B. Marsh (Morris).
Best Performance Over 1,500-c.c. (Closed). — K. Downing (Healey).
Best Performance (Vintage). — A. Griffiths (Lancia).
Best Performance Road Section. — A. E. Day (H.R.G.).