Reports of Recent Events , September 1950



Veteran C.C. Kenilworth Rally (July 22nd)


Special Prize (Oldest Car Great Distance) – G. Oliver (1902 Mercédès).

Second in Rally (Tie) – H. E. Bowden (1904 Cadillac) and H. F. Welham (1904 Renault).

Medals – Major Taylor (1901 Renault), M. E. Davenport (1901 Progress) and G. Mawer (1904 Oldsmobile).

Brake Test – 1st: A. Prince (1899 Decauville);  2nd: H. Welham (1904 Renault).

Safety-First Run – 1st: M. Davenport (1901 Progress); 2nd: G. Mawer (1904 Oldsmobile); 3rd : A. Prince (1903 Panhard).



Rally – 1st: D. Robinson (1909 Renault); 2nd: W. Watson (1911 Rolls-Royce); 3rd: P. Ward (1908 Renault).

Medals – C. Tufnell (1008 Rover), W. Oldham (1911 Renault), S. Sears (1912 Rolls-Royce).

Brake Test – 1st: F. Hutton-Stott (1913 Lanchester); 2nd: H. Bridcutt (1911 Daimler).

Safety-First Run – 1st: M. Brooklin (1913 Darracq); 2nd: F. Hutton-Stott (1913 Lanchester); 3rd: R. Chambers (1910 Renault).

Best-Looking car, judged by Carnival Queen – H. Burman (1914 two-cylinder Perry).


Hants & Berks M.C. Great Auclum Speed Trials (July 23rd)

The twisting 1/4-mile course now has a steeply-banked first corner which puts up speeds. It needed real courage to use this banking to the best effect and Mallock (Austin-Ford) was outstanding. Three drivers overdid the “Brooklands stuff,” Gerry Ruddock getting half his H.R.G. over the top but showing skill in retrieving an ugly situation and holding the subsequent skid, Naylor hitting the rim with one wheel in the ex-Bulmer T.T. Replica Fraser-Nash which resulted in an epic slide, while Mrs. Ruffer in B. A. Henry’s “2.3” Alfa-Romeo, which she had been driving, became well and truly air-borne after shooting straight over the top. The Ruffer nose and the Alfa suffered.

Class Winners:

Sports Cars:

1,100 c.c. non s/c. – A. M. R. Mallock (Austin-Ford), 26.32 sec.

1,101-1,500 c.c. non s/c. and 1,500 s/c. – G. A. Ruddock (H.R.G.), 25.67 sec.

1,501-3,000 c.c. non s/c. and 1,101-1,500 c.c. s/c. – J M. Burn (A.C.- Nash), 24.73 sec.

3,001 c.c. and over non s/c. and 1,501 c.c. and over s/c. – G. D. Parker (Jaguette), 24.56 sec.


Racing Cars:

Up to 500 c.c. – W. C. Cuff (Hells Hammers IV), 23.79 sec.

501-1,100 c.c. – B. E. Bradnack (Cooper 1,100), 24.02 sec.

1,101-2,000 c.c. – C. Heyward (Norris Special), 23.60 sec.

2,001 c.c. and over – A. J. Butterworth (A.J.B.), 23.50 sec. (f.t.d.)


West Hants & Dorset C.C. Blandford Hillclimb (July 29th)

The course record was broken twice, first by R. D. Poore (Alfa-Romeo) with a time of 31.12 sec., and then by A. J. Butterworth (A.J.B.), who lowered it to 30.36 sec. Miss B. Haig set up a new lady’s record of 36.55 sec., and most of the class records were broken.

Sports cars up to 850 c.c. non-s/c.:

1st: G. V. Coles (M.G.), 43.05 sec.


Sports cars 851-1,100 c.c. non-s/c.:

1st: L. J. Woods (M.G.), 39.75 sec.

2nd: J. M. Sparrowe (Morgan), 39.96 sec.

3rd: H. Lester (Lester-M.G.), 40.52 sec.


Sports cars 1,101-1,500 c.c. non s/c., and up to 750 c.c. s/c.:

1st: A. O. Gosnell (H.R.G.), 38.20 sec.

2nd: J. C. C. Mayers (Lester-M.G.), 38.55 sec.

3rd: G. A. Ruddock (H.R.G.), 39.22 sec.


Sports cars 1,501-2,000 c.c. non s/c. and 751-1,100 c.c. s/c.:

1st: V. J. Hern (Amilcar s/c.), 35.98 sec.

2nd: R. F. Peacock (Frazer-Nash-BMW), 36.70 sec.


Sports cars 2,001-3,000 c.c. non s/c. and 1,100-1,500 c.c. s/c.:

1st: C. H. Masters (Healey), 37.98 sec.


Sports cars 3,001-4,000 c.c. non s/c. and 1,501-2,000 c.c. s/c.:

1st: J. A. C. Laverick (S.S. 100), 38.93 sec.

2nd: D. H. C. Hull (Alfa-Romeo, s/c.), 38.98 sec.

3rd: J. B. Jesty (Allard), 39.81 sec.


Sports cars over 4,000 non s/c. and over 2,000 s/c.:

1st: S. H. Allard (Allard), 35.52 sec.

2nd: J. A. Shutler (Invicta), 38.35 sec.


Racing cars up to 500 c.c. non s/c.:

1st: E. J. Moor (Wasp 500), 34.70 sec.

2nd: J. F. Westcott (Cooper-J.A.P.), 35.20 sec.

3rd: C. J. Tipper (Monaco-Norton), 35.87 sec.


Racing cars 501-1,100 non s/c.:

1st: K. Wharton (Cooper), 32.92 sec.,

2nd: J. V. Green (Cooper-H.R.D.), 33.32 sec.

3rd: D. N. Brake (Cooper), 33.34 sec.


Racing cars over 1,100 c.c.

1st: A. J. Butterworth (A.J.B.), 30.36 sec.

2nd: R. D. Poore (Alfa-Romeo s/c.), 31.12 sec.



A.C. Owners’ Club Map-reading Contest (July 30th)

1st: Barclay Ingliss (Allard), navigated by Miss M. Willis.

2nd: T. C. Saunders (1926 Cubitt-engined AC.), navigated by J. Bell.

3rd: Mrs. Ruder (Standard), navigated by A. Bourn.


Cemian M.C. Gymkhana (July 30th)

Open class:

1st Cemian: V. G. Gordon (M.G.).

2nd Cemian: F. J. Beare (Aston-Martin).

1st Visitor: A. W. Richards (Austin), Chiltern C.C.

2nd Visitor : R. W. Vero (Dellow), K.B.C.C.


Closed class:

1st Cemian: Ian Palmer (Ford).

2nd Cemian: A. E. A. Day (Morris).

1st Visitor: A. D. C. Gordon (Jowett Javelin), N.L.E.C.C.


Team Award:

Cemian ‘E’: A. C. Robin, L. C. Green, G. R. Brown.


Jersey M.C. & L.C.C. Bouley Bay Speed Hill-Climb (August 3rd)

The Fastest Ten:

1st: K. Wharton (998-c.c. Cooper) – 55.4 sec.

2nd: R. D. Poore (3,800-c.c. Alfa-Romeo, s/c) – 55.8 sec.

3rd: S. Logan (1,098-c.c. Cooper) – 56.4 sec.

4th: S.H. Allard (3,700-c.c. Allard) – 56.6 sec.

5th: F. Le Gallais (3,483-c.c. L.G., s/c.) – 58.2 sec.

5th: P. J. Collins (750-c.c. Cooper) – 58.2 sec.

7th: B. E. Bradnack (1,098-c.c. Cooper) – 60.4 sec.

8th: J. D. Poingdestre (998-c.c. Cooper) – 61.2 sec.

9th: L. Bond (497-c.c. Bond) – 62.2 sec.

10th: W. J. Reynolds (998-c.c. Taylor Special) – 64.0 sec.


Sports Cars – 1st: E. P. Stranger (1,260-c.c. M.G.), 76.2 sec.

Racing Cars  up to 750 c.c. – 1st: P. J. Collins (750-c.c. Cooper), 68.2 sec.; 2nd: L. Bond (497-c.c. Bond), 62.2 sec.; 3rd: R. G. Beer (747-c.c. Austin, s/c.), 73.0 sec.

751 to 1,000 c.c. – 1st: K. Wharton (998-c.c. Cooper)*, 55.4 sec.; 2nd: S. Logan (1,098-c.c. Cooper), 56.4 sec.; 3rd: B. E. Bradnack (1,098-c.c. Cooper), 60.4 sec.

1,101 to 1,500 c.c. – 1st: C. R. Arthur (1,496-c.c. Lea-Francis Special), 65.6 sec.; 2nd: F. C. Norman (1.250-c.c. M.G.). 65.8 sec.

1,501 to 2,000 c.c. – 1st: B. Jones (1,776-c.c. Jaguar), 64.8 sec.; 2nd: D. J. Vardon (1,800-c.c. V.M. Special), 65.8 sec.

Over 2,000 c.c. – 1st: R. D. Poore (3,800-c.c. Alfa-Romeo, s/c.), 55.8 sec.; 2nd: S. H. Allard (3,700-c.c. Allard), 56.6 sec.; 3rd: F. Le Gallais (3,483-c.c. L.G., s/c.), 58.2 sec.

Fastest times by resident member of the promoting club – 1st: S. Logan (1,098-c.c. Cooper), 56.4 sec.; 2nd : F. Le Gallais (3,483-c.c. L.G., s/c.), 58.2 sec.; 3rd : J. D. Poingdestre (998-cc. Cooper), 61.2 sec.

* Denotes new class record.


Plymouth M.C. “200” Trial (August 6th)

“200” Challenge Trophy and Replica – (1st) C. L. Bold (Bold Special), 57-1/2 marks.

Barton Trophy and Replica and Andrew Trophy – (2nd) A. Cleave (H.R.G.), 55 marks.

Replica “200” Challenge Trophy – (3rd) L. J. Talman.

First-Class Awards: Dr. J. T. Spare (Ford Special), 53 marks; B. G. Thompson (Wharton Special), 51-1/2 marks.

Second-Class Award: W. H. Waring (Bellow), 51-1/2 marks.

Third-Class Award: E. Ellis (B.M.W.-F.N.):, 47-1/2 marks.

Club Team Competition – Plymouth Motor Club “A” team, 148-1/2 marks.

Independent Team Competition – Bold, Cleave, Waring (164 marks). Runners-up: Thompson, Bold, Waring (160-1/2 marks).
























About 10,000 spectators watched over 100 separate entries compete at Gamston Airfield in the August Bank Holiday meeting organised by the Nottingham Sports Car Club. This venue is rapidly replacing Donington Park as a venue for motoring enthusiasts.

The meeting was run off in a most efficient manner, timekeeping and commentary taking place from an old ‘bus bought by the club and placed at the start. After the meeting, this ‘bus was hitched to a breakdown van and, with a certain well-known driver steering, made a ceremonial tour with officials as passengers. The main event, the Nottingham Trophy Race, was fought for over 20 hips

of the two-mile ei rein I. I lamudti ic (Maserati) took the lead int’, the first corner, with P:triiell (Mitserati), who had threaded his way through the field, 50 yards behind. Ile 10•Vcr made up lite distance throughout, the race although he used every trick in the book and they crossed the line in the same order, with Richardson (E.R.A.-engined R.R.A.) valiant third although having been lapped. Tyrer’s very fleet and silent B.M.W. hung on to come fourth.

Another trophy, likewise presented to the club by Parnell for the fastest lap by a racing car, was won by Hampshire, at Over 93 m.p.h.

Hampshire also gave a trophy for the fastest lap by a sports car, which was won by Tyrer’s B.M.W. at well over 80 m.p.h.. The new circuit, which provides two long straights and two hairpin bends, provided ample accominodation for the thousands of cars and spectators.


Sromrs CARS UP TO 1,100-e.i I,. II. Richard (Austin

SPoetab, aggregate of twu runs, 83.3 sec, (only entrant).

SPORTS CARS, 1,100-1,500-0.0.-10 : D. &obey (1,496-e.e.HAM.)aggregate of two runs, 57.56 Rec. ; 2nd : J. Si. Lewis (1,496-cx. H.R0.); 3rd : 0.8. Scull (1,172-e.c. Ford Special).

SPORTS CARS OVER 1,500-C.C. : s. C. Clarks (4,375.c.c. 32 Allard), aggregate of two runs, 57.41 sec. : ‘2nd: 3. A. Lockycr (3,022-c.c. Allard); :3rd : E. T. Eyre (A.(1. sle). UNLIMITED CHAMPIONSHIP (aggregate of three runs).–ust: S. V. Clarke (4,375,c.c. 32 Allard),

83.83 sec.; 2nd : 8. 8mIII (1,172-c.c. Ford Special); 3rd : D. Scobey (1.496-c.c. 11-R.R.) FASTEST TIME OF DAT.-S. C. Clarke (32 Allard). 27.81 sec.


rossuis 11 (10 laps. 71.5 miles).-. 1st: 13.117t1 (Veribis), 52 inin, 50.4 sec., 81 smut’. • 2nd: Lung (Verner), 52 min. 52 sea.: 3rd Stuck (New A.F.M,), $4 reins. 20 see. Four, including 13ratichitsch (A.F.M.), retired out of nine Stattent. PORAICLA -1st Lelider (L.T.E.), 1 hr. 4 min. 47 see., 66.4 m.p.h. ; 2nd: Kreuzer (Cooper), 1 hr. 5(011,. 11 see,

SPORTS C.SRS.-1,100 -C.O. CLASS-let: Ilanstein (Volkswagen): 2nd : Vollmer (Volkswagen). 1,500-ca. CiAss.-ist : Pletsch (Veritai), 75 m.p.h.

2,000-c.C. Adolf( (Veritae), 78.7 m.p.h.


At Montlhery a stock Austin MO saloon driven by Hess, Fisher, Jeavons and Walters lots taken the 101h?wing International Class F records, beating

these set up by Citroen seventeen years ago. The Austin had a tappet adjusted and a new big-end fitted during the run.


. ,

Run this year over the new Dundrod Circuit near Belfast, where the T.T. will be run in September, the Ulster A.C. 111i-mile Ulster Trophy Race was won on August 12th by Peter ‘Vhitehead’s iflitre Ferrari, following up his victory at Jersey. Gerard and Harrison followed him home. Powys-Lybbe as young us he was before the war, ably won the 75mile Handicap Race front scratch in his “2.9 ” monoposto P3 Alfa-1(001c°. The weather was wet.

Formula 1 Scratch Race

1St P. N. Whitehead (1,496-e.c. Ferrari), 1 hr. 19 min. see., 84.32 m.p.h. •

2nd: F. R. Gerard (1,488,C.c. E.R.A.) 1 hr. 19 min. 25 sec.

3rd : T. C. Harrison (1,488-c.e. E.R.A.), 1 hr. 20 min. 24 sec.

4th : .T. Kelly. (1.496-e.c. Alta), one lap behind. Lab: L. D. Gill (1,500-c.c. Maserati 4C), One lap behind.

Record Lap: Whitehead, 87.15 m.p.h.

Handicap Race

let: A. Powys-Lybbe (2,904-e.c Alfa-Romeo), scratch, 1 hr. 4 min. 20.2 sec., 76.27 m.p.h. End bf. P. Cahill (1,287-c.c. lona Special), received 6 min., I. hr. 5 min. 46.8 ace., 67.64 m.p.h. 3rd : .1. T. Sutherland (1,250-c.e. MO..), received 6 min., 1 hr. 5 min. 47 see., 67,637 m.p.h. 1th: Ileasmtt m.04, received one lap and 5 nun., 1 hr. 7 min. 5.2 see, 6(.k3/0 6th: E. 3. Wilkinson (2,443-c.c. Healey), received 3 min., I. hr. 7 min. 21 See., 69.15 m.p.h. 13th: E. W. K. Lund (1570,c.c. Lea-Francis), received 1inile., I hr. 8 min. 27 see., 69.58 7th : J. Kelly (1,500-c.c. I.R.A.), received 1 lap and 1 min., 1 hr. ‘8 min. 38 sec., 02,93 m.p.h. 8th : T. N. Largo (1,250-c.c. 51.0.), received 6 min., 1 hr. 8 min. 52 we’., 04.61

G.P. D’ALB/ (July 16th)

liSter 1:

1st : Sommer (Talbot), 55 min. 53.6 sec. 2nd : Fangio (Magoon), 55 inIn. 54.2 see. 3rd : Rosier (Talbot), 56 min. 21.2 sec. 4th : 0onzales (Maserati), 57 min. 8.2 see. 5th : Trintignant, (Simca), 58 min. :36.2 sec. BRAT 2:

1st ; Gonzaltm (Maserat1), 56 min. 27.7 sec, 2n(1: Rosier (Talbot), 56 min. 47.4 see. 3rd : Farina (Masemtl), 59 min. 7.5 see. 4th : Levegh (Mibet), 1 hr. min. 1.2 see. 5th : Trlutignant (Simea), 56 min. 40.1 sec. FINAL CLASSIPIOATIoN

1st : Rosier (‘lralbot.), 1 hr. 53 min. 8.6 see. (99.4 m.p.h.).

2nd : Gonzales (Maserati), 1 hr. 53 min. :35.9 sec. 3rd : Trinthmant (Slums), 1 hr. 55 ntin. 10.6 see (33 Iwo),

4th : Levegh (Talbot), I hr. 56 min. 27.1 sec. 5th : 5Ianwn (Sluice), 1 lie. 53 min. 34 sec. (32 laps).

Fastest tap : Fangio, 3 min. 6.7 sec.


1st : S. Edwards (Ford-Edwards).

2nd : E. Forbes-Robinson (” TD” M.G.). 3rd : W. Pollack (” TO” M.G., a/c;).

H. Barlow’s XK120 Jaguar had brake trouble and left the course when the throttle stuck open.


The cult of the vintage car and success of the Club was nicely instanced by the entry-78 pre-1931 and 11 Edwardian cars. Peter Stubberfield Made f.t.d. in his very effective Bugatti and Parker, Burn, who made best unsupercharged sports-car time, and Richards were outstanding. Knight (Brescia Bugatti) did some fanning (fruit !) at Orchard and Briggs executed the difficult feat of overturning that most stable Of cars, the Lancia Lambda. Class winners :

1,100 0.0. SPORTS Cuts: L. Gibbs (1930 Kiley), 57.30 sec.

1,500 c.0. SPORTS CARS: D. Parker (1926 FraserNosh), 53.09 sec.

2,000 0.C. SPORTS CARS: 3. M. Burn (1929 Fraser. Sash), 52.53 sec.

3,0000.0. SPORTS CARS: J. W. Rowley (1930 Talbot), 57.44 sec.

OVRIC 3,000 c.c. SPORTS OARS: C. A. Hartrldge (1929 Bentley); 67.27 See. HDWARDIAN HANDICAP: Tie between 0A. Ewen (1908 lists) and C. L. Denfilialn (1918 CaleOtt)._ SI7PERCIIAROED SPORTS CARS: V. J. Horn (laze

Amilcar), 52.47 sec.

1,10(1 c.C. BAcirui CABS: H. A. Richards (1929 Riley Nine), 48.85 see.

1,500 0.0. RACING CARS: C. W. A. Heyward (1929 Norris-Special), 49.97 sec.

2,000 0.0, Racnro CARS: J. M. Perkins (1927 Bilotti), 49.39 sec.

OYER 2,000 0.?. ltACINO CA.R8 : P. J. Stubbetteld (1926 “2.3” supercharged Bugatti), 47.60 sec., f.t.d.