The Half-Litre Club at Silverstone



The Half-Litre Club at Silverstone

An enormous progritinme was run through very slickly over the Silverstone Club Circuit on August 18th. Apart from a five-lap ” free for all,” which produced a wonderful ” photo-finish ” between Headland (Cooper-Norton) and Leston (J.B.S.-Norton), there were two 10-lap races, one for production and the other for non-production cars, an excellent encouragement to the home builder and always a feature of this club’s meetings. It is interesting that a higher percentage of cars finished in the non-production race than in the production-car event.

To wind up the meeting, kvo very fine 100-mile races were run, each over 44 laps. They provided very exciting finishes. Alan Brown won the first, after leading for 39 laps and then making a pit stop that went a little wrong, dropping him right down the field. During the next four laps everyone ran into troubles and by the time it was all sorted out Brown was back in the lead. The second 100mile race saw a .great struggle between Leston and Brandon, until the latter’s engine lost power. Then Ken Gregory, driving the Stirling Moss Kieft, made a last minute effort to catch Leston but left his sprint about two laps too late and finished some hundreds of yards behind the J.B.S.

The standard of driving was, for a 500-c.c. meeting, exceedingly high and there was a noticeable absence of untoward incidents. Altogether a first-class meeting. Results : ALL COMM’ fl-AC’S: 1st : C. D. Headland (0txmer-Norton), 74.76 mph. 2nd : L. Leston (J.B.S.–Norton),

:3rd: J. Cooper (Cooper-Norton). PROPIXTiON

Out: C. D. Headland (Cooner-7■Tortorn, 72.70 mph. : 3. K. B. Orin (Cooper-J.A.P.). : J. Cooinbes (3.33.8,-Norton). Nos-PRODUCTION CARS :

ist : K. W. Smith (Smith/Buckler T.A.P. 100), 71.37.m.p.h.

2nd K. .1. moor (Wasp-Norton).

3rd : S. Ithinndo (Ftitlwr-11.11-.1).). rpm 111(01itit It APE :

(at : A. Itrown (Cooper-Norton), 70.94 2(1 14. W. Patterson (roogpr-J.A.P.). .3rd : It. M. 1 /ryden (Cottper-Norton). SEgOND 100-Mill: RACE :

1st : L. 1,eston (I.B.S.-Norton), 70.138 M.p.h. 2nd : K. A. Gregory (Kieft-Norton). 3rd : Ii. ItrAtidon (tooper-Norton),