Watkins-Greenwood (R.W.G.) Wins "Motor Sport" Brooklands Trophy

At Goodwood on August 21st, in the final round for the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy and £75 prize, Watling-Greenwood increased his score to 17 points, by winning one race and finishing fourth in a handicap in his R.W.G., which has M.G. suspension and an i.o.e. Ford-base 1,098-c.c. engine. Coombs (Lotus) was second with 16 points (£35 prize) and Head (Type C Jaguar) third (£15).

The sports-car drivers made great inroads on the chicane walls on the wet track, but no personal injuries resulted. A record length of fence was removed by Sargent's M.G. when he smote it sideways on, and Digby (Lotus), trying to pass Dargue's M.G. at this point, hit the brickwork, collided with the M.G., and shot head-on into the straw bales, to the detriment of his car's front end. Others spun without making contact.

The first two cars in the 10-lap race were shown the chequered flag by John Morgan at half-distance, giving rise to a rumour that the judge cannot count beyond five! Luckily the result wasn't affected, Head winning, and Brooks, driving brilliantly as usual, in the pursuing Frazer-Nash finishing second. The winners were: —
5-lap Handicap Race (closed cars) J. Corps (Citroën Six), 59.8 m.p.h.
5-Lap Scratch Race (up to 1,250 c.c.): R. Watling-Greenwood (R.W.G.), won by 0.6 sec.. at 64 m.p.h.
5-Lap Scratch Race (over 3,000 c.c.): M. W. Head (Jaguar), won by 3.4 sec., at 71.88 m.p.h.
5-Lap Scratch Race (up to 1,500 c.c.): J. Coombs (Lotus), won by 4 sec., at 71.23 m.p.h.
10-Lap Scratch Race (1,500-3,500 c.c.): M. W. Head (Jaguar), won by 1.0 sec., at 75.52 m.p.h.
Second 5-Lap Handicap: R. B. Watson (M.G.), 67.71 m.p.h.
Third 5-Lap Handicap: C. H. Threlfall (Turner), 70.47 m.p.h.
Fourth 5-Lap Handicap: R. W. FitzWilliam (Lago Talbot), 75.19 m.p.h.
Fifth 5-Lap Handicap: W. P. U. Constable (M.G.). 66.92 m.p.h.
Fastest lap of the day: C. A. S. Brooks in D. Hely's Frazer-Nash, at 80.9 m.p.h