"Journey to the Land of Fire"

by Jaques Cornet and Henri Lochon. Translated by Mervyn Savill. 184 pp. Robert Halo Ltd, 63 Old Brommton Road, London, SW7. 16s.

Travel books should entertain by presenting the reader with a desire to “see what happens next” on journeys interesting and adventurous. This “Journey, to the Land of Fire,” which is an account of how two Frenehmen travelled some 30,000 miles through the greater part of the three Americas, returning to France via Africa in a 2 cv-Citroen. certainly does, even if it is written rather “telegraphically.” Good illustrations enhance the story and after reading it, one’s admiration for the little air-cooled fwd Citroen is enormously enhanced. The omission of a map of this adventurous journey seems a sad oversight.—WB.

Dunlop Rubber Co has issued an attractive booklet called “The Racing World” which is a guide to the more prominent racing circuits, each of which gets an outline map with the corners named and a facing page describing an historic episode which happened at that particular circuit. The circuits covered are Silverstone, Monaco, Aintree, Spa, Goodwood, Le Mans, Indianapolis, Reims, Nurburgring, Brands Hatch, Zandvoort and Monza, the book running to 25 landscape pages, 6 in by 81/2 in. In addition the flag signals and international racing colours are depicted in colour. This is just the job to enhance your enjoyment of what remains of this season’s, and next year’s. motor racing. Copies are obtainable free, on mentioning Motor Sport, from the Advertising Manager, Tyre Division, Fort Dunlop, Erdington. Birmingham, 24.