TR2 or a-H100?


Having read with interest the various comments over the past few months concerning the TR2 I feel that my experiences over the last 18 months of ownership might be of interest.

First, there has been only one serious breakdown. This happened when both rear wheels locked solid (speed 25 mph) and was caused by a bolt bead coming adrift from the crown wheel and jamming the pinion. The car was off the road for five weeks waiting for spares, and despite telephone calls to the main dealers, and the works, were seemingly unobtainable. However, bolts and locking washers from another make were fitted.

There is no doubt that the Austin-Healey is a better car; no one who has an eye for line and balance could deny this. But for economy and price (the performance is about the same) my vote goes to Triumph, despite the fact that with the hood up, it rattles like two skeletons, and the exhaust sounds like a lorry going uphill in bottom gear with a hole in the silencer.

I am, Yours. etc..

Peter J Oliver, Llandudno.