Wiscombe Park Hillclimb

(August 7th)

On the Sunday after GTt Auclum, three clubs, the West of England, Plymouth and Taunton MC, conbined to hold a speed hill climb in the delightful setting of Wiscombe Park, where the course of nearly half a mile contains an entertaining variety of corners, including a hairpin and a straight along which quite high speeds are attained

The course was opned by Rootes’ 1924 supercharged 2-litre GP Sunbeam lent by the Montegu Motor Museum, after which quite ordinary saloons contested their capacity classes, until Daniel Richmond in his fabulous mini-Austin came up with the Downton tuned engine exceeding 8,000 rpm to record a climb which a Lotus Elite only just managed to beat. Mrs Richmond bravely handled Farquarson’s ex-Wooley Allard J2X with Crysler Firebird engine. The fact that her best time only just bettered that of Major Lambton’s 1928 Type 37 Bugatti being excused by the commentator’s reference to 385 hp. Bramby’s FJ Cooper-Austin was slower than Cleave’s famous 1937 Morris Ten Special, in spite of claiming 82 bhp at 5000 rpm, and didn’t justify its elaborate transporter and tailer-caravan outfit. MH Morris handled his Le Mans replica Frazer Nash exceedingly well, H Morton of the Financial Times drove an outwardly unspoilt open 41/2-litre Bentley with ignition converted to twin coils, 8 to 1 cr, and hydraulic Alfin drum-brakes, and Cobb’s RGS Altanta with C-type Jaguar engine now has a coupe body with enormous tail-fins. The 1172 RDH Special was said to have its owner’s own carburettor. Cuff beat Good in the 1,100-cc racing class, both on Cooper 1100s, and Owen broke his own couse record, making ftd in 37.8 sec in his F1 2.2-litre Cooper-Climax.


The next Wiscombe Park Hillclimb

The next of the very enjoyable Wiscombe Speed Hill-Climbs in that delightful Devon setting will be held on Sunday, September 18th. It will be a combined meeting by the United Hospitals & University of London MC, 750 MC, Hants & Berke MC, and club Lotus, open to saloons, sports and racing cars. Most of the practice will take place on the Saturday, the start being at 1.30 pm on the Sunday. Each car will make two runs. Entries close on September 13th. Entry forms from DB Porter, Braeside, How Lane, Chipstead, Surrey. Admission is free, the only charge being 5s. for each car, with possibly a modest transfer fee to the Paddock, which is flanked by Major Chichester’s mansion nestling in the wooded valley, out of which the 735-yard hill climbs. Nearby is the Devon coastline, so if your wife or girl friend prefers to bathe you will still be popular if you decide to go to Wiscombe. Owen’s F1 Cooper holds the course record in 37.8 sec.